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Upper-Deck Marvel Premier Sketch Cards: Small, Medium, and Big!

sketch card of wolverine amf sentinal for upper-deck 2023 marvel premier trading card set

Upper-Deck Marvel Premier Sketch Cards are now out! This is a set that has been in waiting for a long time. I finished my artwork back in August of 2022 but I know some artists that worked on their sketch cards more than two years ago; crazy how backed up card companies still are from Covid issues. 

This product is extremely high-end. The cards come in a tin which houses one oversized sketch card and a pack of cards. The oversized sketch card comes in a clear plastic case and can be a double, triple, or quad panel sketch card or an oversized 5×7″ sketch card. Within the pack is a couple of limited base cards, a subset card, and one hand drawn sketch card. These pack-inserted sketch cards had the character’s name printed on the bottom and back side of the cards. To find out more about this card set, visit the Cardboard Connection website.

Upper-Deck Marvel Premier Sketch Cards: All Shapes & Sizes

 UD Marvel 2023 Premier sketch card of doctor strange by Matt StewartOne of the fun and different aspects to working on the Upper-Deck Marvel Premier set is that the sketch cards come in a few different shapes and sizes, although that also meant a lot more work! There were the regular sketch cards that have a character name printed on the front with a window area above for the drawing to be made. These were on high quality and thick paper stock – 130pt thickness if you were to put in a one-touch. I’ve seen that some artists had their drawings cross over the entire surface of these cards but I opted to keep mine within the window. Most of my drawings were pen & marker drawings but a few were painted with acrylic gouache and all of those were shoulder up or portraits. All of my artist proof sketch cards were of this single card variety but they don’t have a character specified on them so I can draw whoever on the card.

Double, triple, and quad panel cards were another type of sketch card I worked on for this project. These had drawings on the fronts and the backsides, and I could draw whatever I wanted as no character name was printed on them. The backside also had an area with the product information and an area for me to sign. For the subject matter I drew a few ‘versus’ type cards like Ironman versus one of his villains. For the majority of the cards I did teams as that was an easy way to figure out which multiple characters to draw on the front and backs of the cards. I chose comic characters I’ve liked and collected comics of but where somewhat less obscure like the Thunderbolts, Cloak and Dagger, and the New Mutants.

upper deck marevel premier 2023 oversized 5x7" painted sketch card of iron man by matt stewart

The last type of card I worked on was a 5×7″ oversized sketch card. I opted to do portraits of iconic Marvel characters on these, including Captain America, Daredevil, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Ironman. Although the portraits were simple in comparison to the multiple character cards, I used acrylic¬† gouache to render the portraits. This was a very time consuming process that I think brought out a unique result that hopefully collectors will appreciate.

Artist Proofs and Up Next Up!

I have a very small amount of artist proofs available from the Upper-Deck Marvel Premier sketch card project. I haven’t drawn on all of them so they can be used for a custom commission, like say you would like a certain Marvel character wearing a particular costume doing a specific activity or pose, that would be possible on one of these cards. Please use the form below to ask about a commission or what pre-drawn Marvel artwork I have for sale!

Up next is a another couple of sketch card projects for Upper-Deck, Topps, and a few other companies plus some work that will be used for base card artwork on a very cool trading card set featuring imagery from a classic movie! Contact me below if you’d like me to work with you on a trading card, comic book, or some other project!

sketch card of new mutants for upper-deck 2023 marvel premier trading card set
sketch card of Thunderbolts for upper-deck 2023 marvel premier trading card set
sketch card of cloak and dagger for upper-deck 2023 marvel premier trading card set

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