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Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coin Collection

Upper Deck Grandeur Coins

My website is primarily for featuring the artwork I create. However, I also love collecting. Much of my art is within the realm of collecting as I create sketch cards and I love drawing fan art of athletes, superheroes or movie personalities. In this post, which will not be the sole entry in the category of collecting, I’m focusing on collecting something very unique -Upper Deck Grandeur Coins!

Back in the Day

When I was a kid I collected everything. I still do to this day, but back then I collected EVERYTHING. Back then one particular collecting interest I had was coins. This was in the early 1990’s and I would collect whatever special coins would be circulating at the time. Every so often a grandparent might gift me a coin set, but otherwise I would have plastic cups of odd coins.

During the mid-late 90s I pretty much stopped collecting coins. Every so often something would catch my eye in the pocket change sent back my way at a shop, and I would deposit that shiny little something in the plastic cups that I had since being a kid. To this day I have continued that on-again-off-again habit.

Upper Deck Grandeur Coins


This year, Upper-Deck has introduced a new collectible hockey product called Grandeur Coins. These coins are available at CIBIC and through Upper Deck e-Pack™. The coins are legal tender, minted in four finishes of precious metals and feature 20 superstar hockey players. The collection includes 1 oz. 99.99% pure silver coins available in three finishes and rarities. 99.99% pure 1/4 oz. gold coins are also available and limited to just 100 copies.

2017-Upper-Deck-Grandeur-NHLPA-CIBC-Hockey-Coins-ePack-Entire-CollectionHockey cards are something that I have continued to collect since the early 1990s. With this new hockey series of coins, my interest is more than piqued. The artwork is very strong and I quite like the design of the coins with a small representation of the player’s team city in the background. The layers of rarity in the packs, plus the very strong list of featured athletes make each pack a win, even if you don’t know exactly which coin you’ll find in your box, but that level of mystery also adds another layer of interest to this product.

Personally I’d love to find a Tarasenko, Monahan or Jagr coin, but with how spectacular each of these look I’d be happy with anyone of them. Definitely going to order one!


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  1. I have all three of those that you are looking for. I will sell them to you for $99 each if you don’t want to gamble. I love the coins but I have duplicates that I’m looking to get rid of. These are really cool coins I will admit.

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