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sketch card of an alien xenomorph drawn by matt stewart for the upper deck alien 3 trading card set

Upper-Deck Alien 3 Sketch Cards

Awhile back I was invited to contribute artwork to the Upper-Deck Alien 3 trading card set from Upper-Deck and as a MASSIVE Aliens fan I was stoked to work on this project! Previously I had contributed artwork to the Aliens trading card set from Upper Deck and I have a published illustration in an Aliens artbook, produced by Printed in Blood. 

I love movies and there’s handful I’ll rewatch every year, which Aliens is one of. I remember being about 5 or 6 when while my mom was attending a university course some of her friends took me to their film class, which they often did. This one time though the class was being shown Alien and I was immediately hooked. A few years later (yeah, I was one of those kids) I watched Aliens and soon those two movies were on regular viewing rotation. 


For the Upper-Deck Alien 3 set I painted a few portraits of characters in the movie in addition to background scenery and the classic xenomorphs. I used a combination of marker, designer gouache, and pencil crayons for the cards and in particular with the portraits. The xenomorphs were done in a few styles with many of them being rendered with thick brushed on blacks and colourful palettes laid down with markers and splattered paint. The portraits, instead, had a base colour of markers overtop the pencilled drawings and then a mix of gouache and pencil crayons added overtop. The mix is done in layers where I’ll use pencil crayons to outline certain spots like the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then I’ll go over the portrait with gouache in layers, having the laid down paint becoming thicker and thicker. Lastly I’ll come back in with pencil crayons to strengthen certain lines like around the eyes and use the pencils more softly in broader area where there are colour breaks.

upper deck alien 3 sketch card upper deck alien 3 sketch card


I don’t have any Upper-Deck Alien 3 artist proof sketch cards already drawn for sale and instead I have blank AP cards I can use for commissions! Use the contact form below to request one or more of my APs, or to ask about a larger Aliens illustration!

upper deck alien 3 sketch card
Upper-Deck Alien 3 sketch card of satellite dish
Upper-Deck Alien 3 sketch card of a xenomorph from matt stewart

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