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Upper-Deck 2017 Clerks Trading Cards

Upper-Deck 2017 Clerks Trading Cards hit store shelves this week! I worked on this project over a year ago and it’s crazy to see my artwork appear. It is especially crazy because Clerks is one of my favourite movies. I absolutely adore Kevin Smith and all of his cohorts. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Jay & Silent Bob Get Old live show a number of times and have met Jason Mewes once in San Diego Comic Con back in 2010. Still hoping to meet Kevin Smith some day too!

My Part in the Project

For the Clerks trading cards, each card I drew was in colour and based off screenshots from the movie. I created 20 sketch cards, each randomly inserted into trading card packs. I used brushed india ink and copic markers for the colour. At the time, I had not previously used brushed india ink on my sketch cards.

The sketch cards in this product are severely limited, averaging one per case of trading cards. As such, my Artist Proofs are also limited. I have two artist proofs for sale and because I only had two I wanted to do my best at capturing the main characters on these cards. Hence, on one sketch card I have Dante and Randel and on the other is Jay and Silent Bob. Both of these cards will be for sale and you can inquire about purchasing them here.

My Two Artist Proofs

jay and silent bob artist proof sketch card from clerksDante and Randal artist proof sketch card from clerks

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