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All of my Rogue One Sketch Cards

All of my Topps Rogue One Sketch Cards

I was asked recently by a collector what sketch cards I had drawn for the Rogue One cards by Topps. It got me thinking and I ended up making a quick spread of all the sketch cards I did for Rogue One srs 1 & 2.

I had also worked on Rogue One Mission Briefing but that did not feature any of the characters from Rogue One.

When I started looking at what I had did for the two sets I think I can see an improvement in my art from the one set to the next. Probably feel that way again too if I put those next to what I did for 40th and the upcoming Galactic Files!

All of my Rogue One Sketch Cards

Contact me here if you see something you like and would like to commission your own Star Wars artwork from me.

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