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star wars masterwork artist proof sketch card of grogu with ball

Topps 2023 Star Wars Masterwork Artist Proof Sketch Cards

Topps 2023 Star Wars Masterwork included original, hand drawn and painted sketch cards by artists including myself, much like in previous years. As part of the compensation for contributing to this project, we have been provided artist proof sketch cards for sale.

What is an Artist Proof Sketch Card?

psa graded artist proof sketch card of topps 2023 baseball jordan walker rookie painted by matt stewartAn artist proof sketch card, or AP, is an official licensed sketch card with original handmade art on it and created by an artist that worked on that specific set. For these Topps Star Wars sketch cards, an artist handwrites AP or Artist Proof on the backside to denote them being different from a sketch card inserted into a pack. Grading companies like PSA will also grade these types of sketch cards and note that they are Artist Proofs on the labels.

Topps Star Wars Masterwork Artist Proofs

This set was delayed multiple times and as such there were a few waves of sketch cards sent to me to work on. As such I have more artist proofs than usual for sale. I have very few restrictions on what I could draw on these artist proofs so I chose a few fan favourite characters from the Mandalorian plus Yoda, Darth Maul, and an iconic scene of Han kissing Princess Leia. 

All of these sketch cards have unique white borders I created with acrylic paint. The figures themselves were painted with designer gouache and pencil crayons. Maul, Leia and Han, and Mandalorian with Grogu were all pencil crayons and then a light wash of gouache was applied overtop. The rest have multiple layers of gouache laid down and then pencil crayons overtop of that. 

Contact Me Below for Commissions, Questions, or to Buy an AP Sketch Card!

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