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painting of luke skywalker made by matt stewart for the topps 2021 star wars galaxy chrome trading card set

Topps 2021 Star Wars Galaxy Chrome

Topps 2021 Star Wars Galaxy Chrome trading cards released this week and is highlighted by the reissuing of artwork previously used in the Galaxy line of trading card sets from Topps but this time given a “chrome” treatment. As for my contribution to this set, I created 35 full colour sketch cards that were randomly inserted into packs.

Topps 2021 Star Wars Galaxy Chrome sketch card :: Pack Inserted Cards

The sketch cards I painted for this project were all based off imagery from the first series of Star Wars trading cards from Topps that were released in 1977. These cards feature scenes and characters from SW: A New Hope and had blue borders with a star pattern on them. I redrew the first 35 cards from this set but changed it up by deleting the backgrounds and only drawing the figures. For the backgrounds I made them the starry blue pattern that was used on the original card’s borders.

Art Materials used on Star Wars Sketch Cards

The paper stock for these cards is somewhat thin so water based media can be tricky to use. For these cards I started with a pencil sketch and then used Copic markers to create a base colour. The blue backgrounds is all copic marker and then a white acrylic pen was used to add the stars. The foreground, after the addition of marker, was either inked with a brush pen or had pencil crayons outline it. If I was using inks then the card would be finished by that point, but if I had used pencil crayons then I added a thin layer of designer gouache that did not have much water in it, so to not warp the paper. I would then add another layer of pencil crayon overtop the gouache and that was pretty much it!

Topps 2021 Star Wars Galaxy Chrome sketch card of Obi-Wan Kenobi

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