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Topps 2017 Garbage Pail Kids: Classic Sketch Cards

I loved toys, comics, and cards growing up in the 1980s. Not much has really changed from then till now and a new project I worked on with Topps brought back one particular type of trading card I absolutely loved collecting as a kid -Garbage Pail Kids!

garbage pail kids 1980s bookAs a kid in the 1980s I collected an odd assortment of entertainment cards, but it were baseball and Garbage Pail Kids cards that were tops to me! I remember going into, and I know this will sound odd, a gun store every couple of weekends with my father. The store was in a small town called Ironton in the show-me state of Missouri. My grandmother lived there and while visiting, my dad and I would frequently to always go to this little old toy store on main street and a gun store where he would pick up some powder and shells for making bullets at home -we loved going ‘plinking’ (ask me about it!) and he loved going hunting (I wasn’t a fan of the walking that it involved). Anyways, at this gun store were rounds of shredded beef jerky, baseball gum, and  packs of Garbage Pail Kids cards. Almost without fail, every stop at this store would include me grabbing one or more of all three of these items! To this day I still remember the crazy and iconic imagery on the cards, including characters like Adam Bomb!

Garbage Pail Kids’ Sketch Cards

For over three years now I’ve had the opportunity to work on trading card projects for Topps. I started off with my dream project of working on the Star Wars cards and in the past year my project list has definitely grown to include Walking Dead, Mars Attacks, Wacky Packages, and now Garbage Pail Kids! The timeline for finishing this particular project was crazy tight, so I had to go minimal in the detail and forego the backgrounds on most of the cards. Regardless, I was still pretty happy with what I turned out and cannot wait to get another stab on these little buggers on a future project!

topps garbage pail kids sketch cards by matt stewart

Garbage Pail Kids Artist Returns

I have a very limited number of artist returns from this set, but please contact me if you are interested in them! I haven’t drawn them yet so I can use them for a custom commission but don’t wait too long or may just end up drawing something I think of myself on them!

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