Christmas Sale on Artist Proof Sketch Cards

Holiday sale on my sketch cards! From new to old, from movies to comic books! Prices are in US dollars and includes shipping.
Each one is an original drawing for an officially licensed trading card set! I also have others like Mars Attacks & Terminator that I haven’t included so please ask!
I can also wrap your cards in christmas paper and send it to who you want the present to go to!
Each purchase also comes with a free art print!
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Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria

Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria is the fourth Walking Dead trading card set I’ve had the pleasure of working on! I am a huge fan of the TV show and greatly enjoy drawing some of my favourite and most hated characters from the show. This time around, the Road to Alexandria set allowed me to draw from any of the characters from the past 8 seasons of the TV show, plus a select few Walkers.

Since I could draw characters from the past 8 seasons of the Walking Dead, I decided to forego drawing Walkers and focus on cast members. I also stepped away from doing some of the current and recent main cast as I had already drawn many of them in the last few projects I had worked on.

Above and below are some 18 examples of the sketch cards I created for this set. I stuck with the same methods I have been using in previous sets, with using Copic markers and oil based pencil crayons over top. On a few, however, I also used black india ink and the white backgrounds on cards like the Olivia below were created with brushed acrylics.

Previous Walking Dead Projects

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Do you have a favourite Walking Dead sketch card I’ve drawn or is there a character that you haven’t seen me draw before? Let me know down below in the comments section!

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Don’t Fear My NEW Walking Dead: Evolution Sketch Cards

The third Walking Dead trading card product I have contributed artwork to has just been released. This product is called Walking Dead: Evolution and it is an all-encompassing product that highlights characters from all of the show’s seasons. For me, this was a lot of fun as I could draw any of the characters that have appeared on the show plus some select walkers.

I contributed 40 sketch cards to this product and have 6 artist returns. Of these 40, roughly half were Walkers and the other half were characters from the show. I wanted to focus on characters that have passed away on the show like Bob, Hershel, and Shane, but also characters that I haven’t previously drawn in the other two trading card sets. When I drew a currently living character, I went for one that is a favourite of mine and that I hadn’t drawn before. To that end you won’t find a Daryl or Rick or Karl, but you will find a Jadis and Jerry!


The turnaround for producing the artwork for this set was very short. Because of that I didn’t have time for full colour on all of the cards. This encouraged me to take a different approach that I think worked very well: red backgrounds with grey character tones.

All but one of the characters I drew for the set (not including my artist returns) is still alive on the show. This card is of Tara, and I drew with grey tones and a red background but wish I had added colour to her. The rest of the cards are of characters that have died on the show and leaving them in grey tones, I think, works very well for that.

For the Walkers, they too are in grey tones with heavy black inks but have spots of red for where there is gore on their bodies. For the backgrounds I added comic style black lines for texture, either in an alternating pattern or in repeated strokes to almost mimic blood dripping down. I also added white paint splatter for more texture. Overall I think it is a striking look!

walking dead character sketch cards drawn by matt stewart

examples of walker sketch cards drawn by matt stewart

more character sketch cards for walking dead evolution by topps drawn by matt stewart
Artist Returns

I specifically wanted to draw villains for my artist returns. I drew the Governor, Gareth, Shane, Jadis and Negan, but also included Jerry because his character is just so damn awesome! These are also some of my favourite characters as they are incredibly dynamic. Gareth was an incredibly rich character that despite only being on the show for a handful of episodes, his character was richly realized. Jadis is a new character on the show, and I’m not entirely sold on if she’s a villain, hero, or something in-between but she’s is assuredly 100% awesome!

If you’re interested in purchasing one or more of my artist returns, I am asking $95 plus shipping. Please contact me below and let me know which ones you want!

walking dead evolution artist return sketch cards by matt stewart


Previous Walking Dead Sketch Cards

To see my previous The Walking Dead sketch cards, please see my posts on Topps Season 6 The Walking Dead Sketch Cards and Topps Season 7 The Walking Dead Sketch Cards.

Black Friday Sale

Trying a Black Friday sale this week. From now until the end of next weekend (Nov. 26th), I’ll have a bunch of my artist return sketch cards for sale. Some of these are from a few years ago and a few are from this year. To pick some up, just fill out the form I’ve put at the bottom with the set name and the corresponding number /letter I’ve put next to the sketch card. After that, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the cards you selected.

If you pick up 3 or more of my sketch cards I’ll also send you another sketch card for free. This will be a random sketch card from a binder I have of drawings I’ve done for fun or for practice -they’re not artist returns.

Black Friday Sketch Card Sale
topps star wars artist return sketch cards by matt stewartmix of artist return sketch cards by matt stewartterminator 2 and walking dead artist return sketch cards by matt stewart2017 topps mars attacks artist return sketch cards2015 upper deck firefly artist return sketch cards by matt stewart2015 upper deck dinosaurs artist return sketch cards by matt stewart

Sale lasts only until November 26th, 2017!

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Topps 2017 The Walking Dead Season 7 Sketch Cards

Holy crap I nearly forgot to post about the work I did on the Topps 2017 The Walking Dead Season 7 Sketch Cards!

I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead, so it was a great opportunity to work on the season 7 The Walking Dead trading card product. Previously this year I also had the opportunity to work on the season 6 Walking Dead trading cards. Each of these series focused on characters and imagery from their respective seasons. The big change then for the season 7 series was that I could draw new characters like Simon, King Ezekiel, and Jesus!

Artist Returns for Sale

I have 10 artist returns for sale from my work on The Walking Dead Season 7 product. Each of these were created with brush pen, copic markers, and polychromous pencil crayons. If you would like to purchase one or more of them, please contact me here with which corresponding number of the card you are interested in picking up! I’ve also been listing some of them on Ebay at times, so make sure to check what I have listed there as well!

amc topps the walking dead artist return sketch cards by matt stewart

Topps 2017 AMC The Walking Dead Season 6 Sketch Cards


topps walking dead banner

Topps 2017 AMC The Walking Dead Season 6 Sketch Cards

For the first time I had the opportunity to work on AMC’s The Walking Dead property by creating original sketch cards for Topps’ The Walking Dead Season 6 trading cards. I did a relatively small number of sketch cards for this project, with the subject matter being a mix of walkers (zombies) and main cast members from the TV show. Each illustration of an actor was approved by that actor themself, which I always think is pretty cool when I see that they personally approved a drawing I did of them.

I’m also a Fan of the Show!

I’ve been a big fan of the Walking Dead ever since it first came on TV. Back in 2010 I was at San Diego Comic Con with my wife, where we saw posters and whatnot for the upcoming Walking Dead TV show. At the time neither one of us were familiar with the comic book so the TV show meant little to us. Looking back on it, this was a bit of a missed opportunity to see the show’s panel or potentially meet some of the cast!

Right around Halloween of that year I saw TV previews for the Walking Dead and thought it looked pretty good. My wife had to work the night it premiered but the day after I couldn’t stop telling her how good the first episode was. By the next week she was watching the second episode with me and was as deeply hooked on it as I was.

To this day, Sunday nights during the fall and winter months are date nights. My wife and I curl up on the couch, becoming transfixed on watching the Walking Dead followed by the Talking Dead. We’ve loved the show from the start and it’s not the ‘zombies’ that draw us in on a weekly basis, although they are quite entertaining in their own right. Instead, it’s the characters that make us love the show. We love how the show is about people facing extraordinary circumstances. Each character has a full arc, with dynamic changes occurring through their stories.

Artwork I Created for the Set

This was the first project I used oil based pencil crayons on. Previously I had lightly dabbled in them, but for roughly 1/4 of this set I went all out. For all of the walkers I inked them with my trusty Japanese brush pen and then coloured them with Copic markers and used a white gel pen and pencil crayons for highlights or backgrounds. For the portraits I sparingly used the brush pen again or not at all. Then I used copics to create a base layer of colour and then pencil crayons for highlights and on some, like especially the Negan and Glen pictured above, I used an extensive amount of pencil crayon. I repeated this approach in the Star Wars: 40th Anniversary set which was released last month but was actually created after my work on the Walking Dead set.

topps walking dead season 6 artist proofs

For this Walking Dead product, which is the first Topps Walking Dead product to include sketch cards, I was allocated five artist proofs for sale. All five of these have been sold but you can still commission me to create an illustration of your favourite Walking Dead character or walker; just not on a Topps card. Despite all of my artist proofs being sold, I will be posting some examples of sketch cards I did for the set that can be found in the product itself. Look for those being posted on my social media channels like Twitter & Instagram!