Buyback Sketch Card from Topps 2017 Star Wars 40th Anniversary Trading Cards

I was one of the sketch card artists that worked on the Topps 2017 Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Set. What I didn’t know while working on the set was that the product would include buyback cards. These are previously released Star Wars cards, principally being cards from the original 1978 set. The cards were stamped with a silver 40th anniversary logo to make them unique. In addition to these 1978 cards were choice other cards from previous Topps Star Wars sets.

I often check Ebay to see if any of my previous work is being resold. This helps me gauge a price point for selling my sketch card artist returns. Upon doing this I found a 40th Anniversary buyback card of one of my own sketch cards! Topps had chosen the below sketch card of a Pit Droid I drew for the 2015 High Tek release; the 40th stamp is on the back of the card. Pretty happy they felt that one of my older sketch cards was good enough to include in this buyback set!

sketch card of a pit droidbackside of 40th anniversary star wars buy back sketch card

Commission a 2015 Star Wars: High Tek Sketch Card

The 2015 High Tek product was a bit of an odd set to work on. Artists were supplied with smaller than usual sketch cards to work off of. These were then sent to Topps where they were manufactured into the reflective casing you see in the photo above. As per every product I work on, I receive a given number of sketch card returns to resell. For this set my artist return sketch cards were sent to me blank, where I would work on the cards after they had already been encased with a shiny border. As I’ve been quite busy I never got around to working on these cards. Please contact me here for rates on commissioning an illustration on one of these cards!

All of my Topps Rogue One Sketch Cards

I was asked recently by a collector what sketch cards I had drawn for the Rogue One cards by Topps. It got me thinking and I ended up making a quick spread of all the sketch cards I did for Rogue One srs 1 & 2.

I had also worked on Rogue One Mission Briefing but that did not feature any of the characters from Rogue One.

When I started looking at what I had did for the two sets I think I can see an improvement in my art from the one set to the next. Probably feel that way again too if I put those next to what I did for 40th and the upcoming Galactic Files!

All of my Rogue One Sketch Cards

Contact me here if you see something you like and would like to commission your own Star Wars artwork from me.

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meme of Data saying i'm detecting much win in this sectorI am having a blog subscription contest! What’s the prize you ask? Well, it’s two codes for downloading a free pack of the digital Star Wars cards off the Topps app AND a digital download of the movie The Expendables 2! One entrant will be randomly chosen and the codes to the prizes will be direct messaged to them on Twitter!

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After entering the contest why not check out some of my Star Wars 40th Anniversary sketch cards I have for sale on Ebay and then watch the trailer for The Expendables 2 down below!

Watch the trailer for The Expendables 2!

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

I love it when companies utilize fun ‘holidays’ in ways that engage the customers. Not for the sole purpose of selling stuff (though I have done that with my art!) but to just provide a positive and fun atmosphere for their customers. Doing so fosters a culture and atmosphere that customers will remember going forward. Today, Star Wars Day or also known as May the Fourth Be With You Day, is one such day where companies can grow that culture and atmosphere.

What one may not expect is when it is not a company but rather a government agency that plays along with these ‘holidays’. The Government of Canada Transport agency had one special and very witty post for this Star Wars Day and the Canadian Army was not to be left out as they created a video! Neither of these try to promote the agencies in what they do nor have any political motivation behind them, besides that they create a positive atmosphere and culture, and hot damn I loved it!

Transport Canada website had a timely recall notice today!

transport canada recall notice on star wars day 2017

And the Canadian Army also posted a timely video in celebration of Star Wars day!

and just because here’s another sketch card I did for the latest Topps 40th Anniversary Star Wars set!

Darth Vader 40th anniversary sketch card for topps

Topps 2017 Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Trading Cards

Topps 2017 Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Trading Cards

On May the 4th, as in “May the 4th Be With You”, comes the latest Topps Star Wars trading card product: the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope! This product highlights favourite moments throughout the Star Wars 40 year legacy with imagery from all of the movies, animated TV shows, and more; however, for the sketch card artwork I focused on the first movie, A New Hope.

There are multiple chase sets in this product including commemorative medallions, autographs, and rare ‘buy back’ cards like the original Star Wars cards from the 1970’s & 80’s, along with newer cards stamped with the ’40th’ logo. Some of these buy back cards are sketch cards and I learned that one of my own older sketch cards was used as a buy back! Check out my post to learn about my buy back sketch card.

For more information on this trading card product, please visit the Topps website.

My Contribution to the Set

For this product I created 100 original illustrated sketch cards. All of the cards are in colour. I employed two different styles when creating these cards. One was a comic style where I used a Japanese brush pen to ink the cards and then they were coloured with Copic markers and lightly with polychromous pencil crayons. The second style was new to me as I solely used the Copic markers and polychromous pencil crayons. I have seen a few fellow artists use this method of markers & pencil crayons and liked how they achieved a softer, more realistic effect with it. This is a style I have continued to use after this set and I think I’m continuing to get better with it too!

All of the sketch cards I drew for this series feature scenes and characters from A New Hope, the first Star Wars movie. Attached here are my 13 artist return cards that are for sale. If interested in these please contact me here, otherwise they will be auctioned off on Ebay beginning this Saturday.

I will also be posting the other sketch cards I created for this set slowly over the next month or so on my Twitter and Instagram feeds, and eventually they will also be uploaded to my Tumblr page.


princess leia with medallion artist return sketch card princess leia artist return sketch card princess leia & C3P0 artist return sketch card gold leader artist return sketch card Red leader artist return sketch card Obiwan and R2 artist return sketch card Obi Wan artist return sketch card Luke Skywalker as pilot artist return sketch cardHan Solo artist return sketch card Greedo artist return sketch card Chewbacca artist return sketch card sketch card of C3P0 and R2D2 Escape


Commission a star wars sketch card!

Would you like to add an original Star Wars drawing to your collection or perhaps gift one to that big Star Wars fan in your life for a Christmas or Birthday present? I offer sketch card and larger commissions, each being an original drawing of a character or scene of your choice! Perhaps have your significant other drawn as Han Solo or Princess Leia? I’ll make that happen!

Contact me below to get started today on an original commission!

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Topps 2017 Star Wars Rogue One: Series Two Sketch Cards

As a huge fan of the Star Wars universe I am always happy when I have an opportunity to work on a Star Wars trading card set from Topps. Today Topps releases a new Star Wars trading card set called Rogue One: Series Two. This is the third trading card set I have worked on from Topps that specifically deals with Rogue One – the first two being Rogue One: Mission Briefing and Rogue One: Series One.

What you may not realize is that sketch cards for sets like this one are created months to a year prior to the release of the trading card set. For Rogue One Series 1 cards, like previous Star Wars sets, the trading card product was timed to release as close to the movie’s release date as possible. As this means the artwork must be produced earlier, obtaining reference images of the characters is exceeding difficult. When it comes to the sketch cards, the artists are not privy to anything other than what has been made public.

The Rogue One: Series 2 product is timed to release with the Blue Ray /DVD release of the movie, which meant the deadline for the art cards was cutoff about a week after the theatrical release back in December of 2016. For my reference material, this meant that I had access to all the magazine articles (I was also given some costume photos to work with), all of the trailers, and like a true fanboy I had rushed out to see the movie on opening night. Because I had actually seen the movie I could draw a few of the spoiler characters which I had not previously known about!

In all I created 100 sketch cards for this product. I alternated between water colors and a mixed media of pencil crayons (mainly just white pencils), copic markers, and india ink. I felt a little rushed on some of the cards but am overall happy with my results. Below are 13 of my Artist Returns from this project, all of which are listed on Ebay.

Topps 2017 Star Wars: Rogue One Series Two, Artist Returns

Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Darth Vader Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Chirrut Imwe Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Two Tubes Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Admiral Raddus Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Rebel soldier Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Stormtrooper Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Chirrut Imwe Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Jyn Erso Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Baze Malbus Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Jyn erso Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card K-2SO Star Wars Rogue One Series Two Shoretrooper sketch card