Topps 2017 Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Trading Cards

Topps 2017 Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Trading Cards

On May the 4th, as in “May the 4th Be With You”, comes the latest Topps Star Wars trading card product: the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope! This product highlights favourite moments throughout the Star Wars 40 year legacy with imagery from all of the movies, animated TV shows, and more; however, for the sketch card artwork I focused on the first movie, A New Hope.

There are multiple chase sets in this product including commemorative medallions, autographs, and rare ‘buy back’ cards like the original Star Wars cards from the 1970’s & 80’s, along with newer cards stamped with the ’40th’ logo. Some of these buy back cards are sketch cards and I learned that one of my own older sketch cards was used as a buy back! Check out my post to learn about my buy back sketch card.

For more information on this trading card product, please visit the Topps website.

My Contribution to the Set

For this product I created 100 original illustrated sketch cards. All of the cards are in colour. I employed two different styles when creating these cards. One was a comic style where I used a Japanese brush pen to ink the cards and then they were coloured with Copic markers and lightly with┬ápolychromous pencil crayons. The second style was new to me as I solely used the Copic markers and polychromous pencil crayons. I have seen a few fellow artists use this method of markers & pencil crayons and liked how they achieved a softer, more realistic effect with it. This is a style I have continued to use after this set and I think I’m continuing to get better with it too!

All of the sketch cards I drew for this series feature scenes and characters from A New Hope, the first Star Wars movie. Attached here are my 13 artist return cards that are for sale. If interested in these please contact me here, otherwise they will be auctioned off on Ebay beginning this Saturday.

I will also be posting the other sketch cards I created for this set slowly over the next month or so on my Twitter and Instagram feeds, and eventually they will also be uploaded to my Tumblr page.


princess leia with medallion artist return sketch card princess leia artist return sketch card princess leia & C3P0 artist return sketch card gold leader artist return sketch card Red leader artist return sketch card Obiwan and R2 artist return sketch card Obi Wan artist return sketch card Luke Skywalker as pilot artist return sketch cardHan Solo artist return sketch card Greedo artist return sketch card Chewbacca artist return sketch card sketch card of C3P0 and R2D2 Escape


Commission a star wars sketch card!

Would you like to add an original Star Wars drawing to your collection or perhaps gift one to that big Star Wars fan in your life for a Christmas or Birthday present? I offer sketch card and larger commissions, each being an original drawing of a character or scene of your choice! Perhaps have your significant other drawn as Han Solo or Princess Leia? I’ll make that happen!

Contact me below to get started today on an original commission!

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Happy LV426 Day!!!

Happy LV426 Day

lv426 alien shipI absolutely LOVE the Aliens movies. All of them. Full stop.

As a kid growing up in the 80’s, my parents allowed me to watch a lot of movies. My dad in particular let me see movies that perhaps most kids my age shouldn’t have been allowed to see, such as Hell Raiser, Pumpkin Head, Friday the 13th, and other now classic horror movies.┬áThese movies were about monsters, and I loved and love a good monster movie!

Continuing the story of when I was a kid, when I was around 5 or 6, my mom was attending Webster Groves University in St. Louis, Missouri. She was taking journalism classes and at the time my parents had divorced. This is one of my earliest memories, where when she went to class I would often go with her friends who were taking a film class. There, I suppose, I could sit in their classes as they watched movies to review and study. On one such night the class watched a movie that would shape my taste in horror and science fiction cinema… ALIEN!

There is so much to love about the Alien movies. Be it the strong characters, especially the heroin, the iconic monster and setting, or the witty and easily quotable dialogue. These reasons are shared by many other movie fans and has recently encouraged the creation of LV426 day. LV-426 is the code for the ‘shake and bake’ colony and planet that is visited in Alien and Aliens. The number, 426, has been used as a date of April 26th, so every year on this date you’ll see numerous social media posts about Aliens and a plethora of sales on Aliens merchandise crops up at stores.


aliens warrior sketch card