Stranger Things Illustration: Visions from the Upside Down

I am thrilled to announce that one of my illustrations was included in the Stranger Things Artbook: Visions from the Upside Down! This book was printed by Printed in Blood and is available at local comic stores, Chapters, and Amazon!

Original Illustration for the Stranger Things Artbook: Visions from the Upside Down, created by Matt Stewart
Original Illustration for the Stranger Things Artbook: Visions from the Upside Down, created by Matt Stewart

As my illustration was included in the book, I have a very limited print from it! This print is limited to just 200 copies and can only be purchased direct from me! I will have a few copies available at the local Red & White Show in Calgary and might have a few copies available at the Comic Expo in Prince George, but that won’t be till May of 2020. If you’d like to buy a copy of the print from me today, then please contact me here! The prints are $60 each plus shipping if ordering online, and they come with a free mini art print of one of my other drawings!

About the Limited Prints

stranger things art print drawn by matt stewart
Stranger Things art print drawn by matt stewart

My Stranger Things art print measures 16×12″ and is printed on high quality, Mohawk paper. Each print is hand signed and numbered, and you would receive a random numbered print when ordering, however print number 11 is reserved for the person who purchases the original drawing! The prints are shipped unframed via FedEx.

The Original Drawing

The original drawing I created for the artbook is also for sale. I am asking $525 for the original drawing, plus shipping. The original drawing was created with Copic markers, polychromous pencil crayons, gouache and acrylic paints, with a protective archival quality UV spray added overtop. The original is 11.5×9″ with a 1/2 or 1″ border.

Buy Your Copy of the Artbook

Please follow this link to Amazon & purchase your copy of the book today! By purchasing the book through this link you will also help support me in creating more artwork!

Stranger Things Illustration in Printed in Blood Book!

Coming October 15th is a new artbook from Printed in Blood that showcases some amazing drawings inspired by the Netflix original show, Stranger Things. I’m incredibly excited to say that one of my illustrations will be included in this book but I can’t share it until the book comes out! However, I can share a small preview (below) of my illustration and say that once the book is released I will have a limited print run of my illustration for sale! Send me a message if you are interested in purchasing one of these posters and I’ll add you to my mailing list. Also, make sure to visit Printed in Blood to order your copy of the book today!No Fields Found.



Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria

Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria is the fourth Walking Dead trading card set I’ve had the pleasure of working on! I am a huge fan of the TV show and greatly enjoy drawing some of my favourite and most hated characters from the show. This time around, the Road to Alexandria set allowed me to draw from any of the characters from the past 8 seasons of the TV show, plus a select few Walkers.

Since I could draw characters from the past 8 seasons of the Walking Dead, I decided to forego drawing Walkers and focus on cast members. I also stepped away from doing some of the current and recent main cast as I had already drawn many of them in the last few projects I had worked on.

Above and below are some 18 examples of the sketch cards I created for this set. I stuck with the same methods I have been using in previous sets, with using Copic markers and oil based pencil crayons over top. On a few, however, I also used black india ink and the white backgrounds on cards like the Olivia below were created with brushed acrylics.

Previous Walking Dead Projects

Check out the previous Walking Dead sets I’ve worked on:

Walking Dead Season 6

Walking Dead Season 7

Walking Dead: Evolution


Do you have a favourite Walking Dead sketch card I’ve drawn or is there a character that you haven’t seen me draw before? Let me know down below in the comments section!

Start Making Your Own Sketch Cards!

Below are links to the materials I use!

Topps 2017 The Walking Dead Season 7 Sketch Cards

Holy crap I nearly forgot to post about the work I did on the Topps 2017 The Walking Dead Season 7 Sketch Cards!

I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead, so it was a great opportunity to work on the season 7 The Walking Dead trading card product. Previously this year I also had the opportunity to work on the season 6 Walking Dead trading cards. Each of these series focused on characters and imagery from their respective seasons. The big change then for the season 7 series was that I could draw new characters like Simon, King Ezekiel, and Jesus!

Artist Returns for Sale

I have 10 artist returns for sale from my work on The Walking Dead Season 7 product. Each of these were created with brush pen, copic markers, and polychromous pencil crayons. If you would like to purchase one or more of them, please contact me here with which corresponding number of the card you are interested in picking up! I’ve also been listing some of them on Ebay at times, so make sure to check what I have listed there as well!

amc topps the walking dead artist return sketch cards by matt stewart


Inktober is a challenge to artists of all levels to create one inked drawing a day for the entire month of October. There are other iterations of this challenge, such as Drawlloween, where the theme is based on Halloween imagery but the challenge is basically the same. The point of it all is to encourage people to draw more frequently, for practice is the absolute key to improving one’s drawing abilities.

inktober theme listThere can be any theme, or no theme at all for Inktober. I chose a prompt list I saw another artist post that listed various monsters from books and film. I stuck fairly closely to this list but at times deviated when a character didn’t interest me or I had a better idea, such as drawing Hellboy, a Victorian type ghost, and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.

During the month of October I was also working on several other projects and went on a quick vacation at the end of the month. This meant that some of the drawings were more rushed than others, however I went into this with the intention of only spending 30 minutes to an hour for each drawing. My intention was to do fairly quick sketches that may or may not be perfect, but challenged me more on creating an interesting concept /design.

Some artists create digital works for their Inktober sketches, while others work in traditional mediums. The amount of time and type of materials people use for these varies but for mediums I wanted to stick with a more traditional approach. I drew each of these in a spiral bound 7×10″ 98lb mixed media sketch book. The pages are nice and thick, holding ink well and providing a nice tooth in the paper to create texture in the inking. On some of them, like Godzilla, I felt that a splash of red would work well. I didn’t want to use full colour but rather one colour to make a certain element pop.

Inktober Sketches for 2017

all of the #inktober2017 sketches from matt stewart

All of my Inktober sketches are for sale. I didn’t necessarily create these or do the Inktober challenge to sell artwork, but I did feel I should make them available in case someone liked a particular drawing I did.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my sketches, I am offering them at $20 each if you live in Canada or $25 if you live in the States, plus whatever you feel the drawing is worth. The $20 or $25 covers the shipping and materials of the drawing, and the extra money will help me buy new art supplies but figured I would leave that amount up to you, the person supporting my art. Send me a message here if you are interested in purchasing, just tell me which one and how much you would like to pay for it!

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Second Round of Monsterwax: Shock Stories Sketch Cards

More Horror’ific Sketch Cards for Monsterwax!

Second Round Monsterwax Shock Stories Sketch Cards! Recently I was invited back to do another round of 20 sketch cards for Monsterwax trading cards. A month or so ago I posted about my first round of sketch cards for this series, along with a little story of how this was the first company I worked for to do sketch cards.

For this second round of sketch cards, I used a similar approach as the first but I think they came out a little better. I went with a comic /cartoony style and kept everything pretty loose. For whatever reason I ended up drawing a lot of skulls, which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing!

My 20 sketch cards for Monster Wax: Shock Stories

monster wax sketch card scan monster wax sketch card scan monster wax sketch card scan













Commission your own!

I have eight artist proofs available for commissions from the work I did on this set. If interested, please fill out the form below!

Monsterwax 2017 Shock Stories Sketch Cards


Back in 2014 I decided, while still being a full-time project archaeologist mind you, that it would be fun to make sketch cards for a trading card company. I have been an avid collector of trading cards since I was young, and the introduction of sketch cards into these products piqued my interest to the point of where I asked myself, ‘could I do that?’.

photo of art supplies

The money from making sketch cards would be nice but even more fulfilling would be to create artwork for a licensed product or a company that would use it in their product. Before this time I really only dabbled in art. Sure, I drew all the time but I had never done much where I would get published or anything. Previously I had done scientific illustrations, which I kind of lumped into the regular practice of being an archaeologist, and had done a few freelance projects here and there like logos, t-shirt graphics, and a couple of music album covers.

I spent about a year applying to different companies, trying to break into making sketch cards. My art continued to improve and the new sketch cards I made were included in my portfolio when applying to companies. I saw an advertisement for a company called Monsterwax on Facebook and thought that could be a fun company to do artwork for as they did a lot of small sets with products that didn’t require a license, like classic horror and dinosaurs. In September of 2014, Monsterwax brought me on board to make some sketch cards for their Monsters and Dinosaurs, respectively, sets. From there everything snowballed by working for Leaf then Upper-Deck, Cryptozoic, Topps, and others.

New Project!

It had been quite sometime since those initial sets with Monsterwax and I thought I’d reconnect with them to see if they were working on anything new. For most companies, like Monsterwax, a set can take 1-2 years to produce, so I figured it would be about time Monsterwax would be working on a new product. Turns out they were and so I hopped on board.

For this project, Monsterwax is producing a horror /urban legends book filled with short stories and artwork. The project is being crowd funded (and successfully at this point as well) on Kickstarter. In connection to the book is a series of trading cards that feature artwork inspired by the short stories or other urban legends that the artist knows of. For my part, I created 20 original sketch cards (below), with some of them possibly being reprinted in the set. When I worked on the Dinosaurs set in 2014 I believe 2 of my drawings were reproduced in the set.

ec comics shock and suspense storiesThis product was inspired by the 1950s/60s EC horror comics so I took that thickly inked comicbook style and used it on these cards with pretty broad patches of copic colour. I kept my drawings pretty cartoony on these and had a lot of fun with that as much of my recent Star Wars stuff is needed to be more realistic.


Artist Proofs for Sale

From my work on this set I have four blank sketch cards I can use for commissions. I may just draw something on them and then put them up for sale later, but if you catch me soon you can commission a custom horror illustration on one of them! Contact me for availability and prices here!

My Contribution to the New Monsterwax set!

monsterwax sketch cards by matt stewart 1 monsterwax sketch cards by matt stewart 3 monsterwax sketch cards by matt stewart 2