Cryptozoic DC CZX Super-Heroes & Super-Villains Sketch Cards

Cryptozoic DC CZX Super-Heroes & Super-Villains Sketch Cards was released in 2019, so I’m a little behind on posting about the artwork I did for this set 🙂 This set focused on the movies from the DC Universe. Including the Watchmen, Superman vs. Batman, the Justice League, and many more!

This isn’t the first project I’ve done for Cryptozoic. In the past I’ve worked on The Ghostbusters, Rick & Morty, DC Bombshells, and there might be a few more in the near future!

This was a premium trading card set from Cryptozoic that boasts a very strong checklist of signers. You could nab an autograph from actors like Gal Gadot or Ben Affleck, or a sketch card from an artist like yours truly!

Examples of My Sketch Cards

Follow me on Twitter & Instagram to see more of the sketch cards I created for this project. Every day for the next few weeks I’ll be posting one of these sketch cards!

Artist Proofs

Most of these have already sold but I do have a few left, and can always be commissioned to draw one of these characters on plain paper.

Materials I used

Pick up the same art supplies I used on these cards below!

Curious about what art supplies I use? Follow the links below to purchase the same supplies I used in creating the Ghostbusters illustration!

Holbein Traditional Gouache Paints

Faber Castel Polychromous Pencil Crayons

Watch your favourite dc movies again!

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