New Artwork in Alien 3 Trading Cards from Upper-Deck!

Awhile back I was invited to contribute artwork to the Alien3 trading card set from Upper-Deck. As a MASSIVE Aliens fan I was stoked to work on this project!

Previously I had contributed artwork to the Aliens trading card set from Upper Deck and I will have an illustration included in an Aliens artbook, published by Printed in Blood. I can’t share what I did for the artbook yet but once it releases I’ll have prints and the original painting for sale!

I’m a big movie fan and I rewatch a lot of movies, but there’s a particular handful of movies that I’ll rewatch every year. The Aliens movies are some of those that I’ll watch every year. I even have mini statues and toys of the ships and creatures from the Alien movies hanging out in my office!

Pack Inserted artwork

For the xenomorph drawings I went a pretty colourful patch. I used copics, pencil crayons, and inks on these drawings, with a very bright background. I also tended to up the amount of green that was on the xenomorph heads.

I also depicted a few scenes and background imagery. I used designer gouache for most of these ards and looked for more iconic shots from this film. The illustration on the left is the Sulaco ship as it was approaching the prison colony at the start of the movie. To the right is a silhouette of one of the prison inmates finding a dead xenomorph facehugger.

Lastly, I painted a few portraits of characters in the movie. I used a combination of marker, designer gouache, and pencil crayons for these portraits.

artist proof sketch cards

I don’t have any artist proof sketch cards already drawn for sale and instead I have blank AP cards I can use for commissions! Use the contact form below to request one or more of my APs, or to ask about a larger Aliens illustration!

Happy LV426 Day!!!

Happy LV426 Day

lv426 alien shipI absolutely LOVE the Aliens movies. All of them. Full stop.

As a kid growing up in the 80’s, my parents allowed me to watch a lot of movies. My dad in particular let me see movies that perhaps most kids my age shouldn’t have been allowed to see, such as Hell Raiser, Pumpkin Head, Friday the 13th, and other now classic horror movies.┬áThese movies were about monsters, and I loved and love a good monster movie!

Continuing the story of when I was a kid, when I was around 5 or 6, my mom was attending Webster Groves University in St. Louis, Missouri. She was taking journalism classes and at the time my parents had divorced. This is one of my earliest memories, where when she went to class I would often go with her friends who were taking a film class. There, I suppose, I could sit in their classes as they watched movies to review and study. On one such night the class watched a movie that would shape my taste in horror and science fiction cinema… ALIEN!

There is so much to love about the Alien movies. Be it the strong characters, especially the heroin, the iconic monster and setting, or the witty and easily quotable dialogue. These reasons are shared by many other movie fans and has recently encouraged the creation of LV426 day. LV-426 is the code for the ‘shake and bake’ colony and planet that is visited in Alien and Aliens. The number, 426, has been used as a date of April 26th, so every year on this date you’ll see numerous social media posts about Aliens and a plethora of sales on Aliens merchandise crops up at stores.


aliens warrior sketch card