2020 Upper Deck Goodwin Aesop Fables Artwork

2020 Upper Deck Goodwin is a highly popular all sports and entertainment trading card set produced by Upper-Deck cards. The set is a callback to the historic Goodwin Champions cards that first appeared in 1888. This is similar to the Topps Allen & Ginter trading cards that are made today and are a revival of the 1887 trading cards of the same name. Both of these original cards were found in packs of cigarettes!

Allen & Ginter 1887 trading card.

Sketch cards are not a common item to find in packs of Goodwin. Instead, these are found once per case (8 boxes in a case) or sometimes even more rare. The sketch cards also differ from other projects I’ve worked on in that the cards are on thick, 100pt paper and are booklets. The front of the book has a printed image and the name of the Aesop Fable the card is about. The entire set of sketch cards for this project were all based of Aesop Fables, and the inside of the book has a short synopsis of the story with the opposite inside page having the original sketch. The backs of the cards are signed by the artists.

1888 Goodwin Champions trading card. of captain bogardus
1888 Goodwin Champions trading card.

This is the second trading card set I worked on for Upper-Deck in 2020. The other set was for the Runaways TV show, which I posted about previously. I have another set, Chasing Amy, that should be coming out soon from Upper-Deck. That set is a follow-up to the 2017 UDĀ Clerks set that I also previously posted about.

Pack Inserted sketch cards

Below are a few examples of the sketch cards I created for this project. I scanned the images plus the accompanying Aesop Fable. On some of the cards I used acrylic paints, some gouache paints, and some copics & pen.

Artist proofs

I have a very limited supply of artist proofs from this project. The AP sketch cards have a foil stamp on the front with the letters “AP” and unlike the pack inserted cards these are not booklets. Instead, the APs are single sketch cards that are roughly 40pt in thickness.

Please fill out the contact form below to grab one of these APs! Pricing starts at just $90, including shipping!