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Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

I love it when companies utilize fun ‘holidays’ in ways that engage the customers. Not for the sole purpose of selling stuff (though I have done that with my art!) but to just provide a positive and fun atmosphere for their customers. Doing so fosters a culture and atmosphere that customers will remember going forward. Today, Star Wars Day or also known as May the Fourth Be With You Day, is one such day where companies can grow that culture and atmosphere.

What one may not expect is when it is not a company but rather a government agency that plays along with these ‘holidays’. The Government of Canada Transport agency had one special and very witty post for this Star Wars Day and the Canadian Army was not to be left out as they created a video! Neither of these try to promote the agencies in what they do nor have any political motivation behind them, besides that they create a positive atmosphere and culture, and hot damn I loved it!

Transport Canada website had a timely recall notice today!

transport canada recall notice on star wars day 2017

And the Canadian Army also posted a timely video in celebration of Star Wars day!

and just because here’s another sketch card I did for the latest Topps 40th Anniversary Star Wars set!

Darth Vader 40th anniversary sketch card for topps

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