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social media marketing

Featured Work

I’ve worked in marketing teams and have been the marketing manager in a few previous contract projects. In these roles I’ve created social media posting schedules, guided and crafted a company’s voice and messaging strategies, created the content (for both visuals and text), created paid advertising campaigns, and crafted monthly social media books. Some of what I’ve created is posted below.

Video Creation for Social Media Marketing

I’ve created video content for social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. I’ve created long and short form videos and tailored them for where they would be uploaded. I’ve also used Vimeo and other platforms to then embed said videos onto websites, much like what I’ve done here for the sample video.

Creating an Instagram Reel

For my portfolio website I thought I would used a video I created for advertising my own artwork, but these skills can easily be applied to your products, services, and company! Here, I cleaned up some scans of some licensed Star Wars artwork I had created. I then created a template in Photoshop that was sized for Instagram reels. I created three folders, with one being for the background. This folder had numerous layers that played upon one another to give a dark and starry background. The second folder had all of my images and a mask on the folder itself so that edges of the drawings wouldn’t show. I then created guidelines on the artboard so I can center each drawing the same, and for this project I chose the Star Wars logo that was on every card. This allowed for each image I saved to be uniform. The last folder held the branding files. The logos went to the top of the image but was still in the safe zone -not in an area to be hid under Instagram Reel elements. Once everything in Photoshop was built I then toggled the drawing layers on and off saving each one as a jpg. These would then act as cards that would be cycled through the Reel I was to create.

Next step was to import all the photos onto my phone and then into Instagram. I will sometimes use other apps on my phone to create videos, such as Splice, but for this one the static jpg images made more sense to be imported directly into Instagram -if I had video elements shot on my phone I probably would’ve used Splice first as I can edit video easily there. 

In Instagram, I select ‘create new reel’ and then select which images I want to import into the reel. You can also select a trendy template for the reel but these often have limitations like how many images you can use. After selecting the images I want I then select music to accompany the video. I always pick music that goes with the imagery /video I’m posting and try to keep it upbeat and catchy. I then select edit video and shorten the duration of each image to around 45 seconds and try to end them with the beats of the music I chose. I add a bit of text at the beginning and end of the videos but this is no more than a short sentence as most people won’t really read it. I will add sticker gifs to a few parts of a video as I find it adds a bit more motion to it and that increases the average watch time for a video. 

Finally, I add a short caption with a few hastags and share it during a time the majority of people are active on Instagram -activity times are found in your Professional Dashboard. I share to my Instagram Stories and then elsewhere like Youtube, Twitter, and on a website like this one!

screen shot of photoshop edits for instagram reel

Carousel Slide Design for Social Media Marketing

Down below are a bunch of examples of imagery I’ve created specifically for social media posts. The aim with these designs is first and foremost to adhere to the company branding and secondly make it visually appealing so that so one will then engage with the post. When I create the imagery, outside of adhering to branding stipulations, I try to use bright and colourful imagery, imagery that suites the message, and limited but big and bold text that informs, directs, or asks a questions.

Carousel posts on Instagram are great for increasing engagement and as a designer are just fun to make! They act as a peek-a-boo style design that entices the user to want to know more as not everything is immediately shown. The first image has a a full or most of one image along with a bit of text but the image also has a snippet of another image. I’ll sometimes add arrows or something clue to the viewer that if they swipe across on the image they’ll see more. When they swipe across the image moves seamlessly. This is the trick with carousel images as it’s actually one continuous image that is parsed out across the Instagram post. It’s honestly nothing groundbreaking but I think they look very slick, professional, and because it requires a bit of thought and work, not every page utilizes them so your post easily stands out.

Contact me if you’d like similar posts to be made for your company page!

Featured Work