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Second Round of Monsterwax: Shock Stories Sketch Cards

More Horror’ific Sketch Cards for Monsterwax!

Second Round Monsterwax Shock Stories Sketch Cards! Recently I was invited back to do another round of 20 sketch cards for Monsterwax trading cards. A month or so ago I posted about my first round of sketch cards for this series, along with a little story of how this was the first company I worked for to do sketch cards.

For this second round of sketch cards, I used a similar approach as the first but I think they came out a little better. I went with a comic /cartoony style and kept everything pretty loose. For whatever reason I ended up drawing a lot of skulls, which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing!

My 20 sketch cards for Monster Wax: Shock Stories

monster wax sketch card scan monster wax sketch card scan monster wax sketch card scan













Commission your own!

I have eight artist proofs available for commissions from the work I did on this set. If interested, please fill out the form below!

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