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Between once a month to once every 3-4 months I send out an email about upcoming and newly released projects! 

What People are saying

I’ve had a number of collectors and the people that have commissioned me for work come back and tell me how much they loved what I created. I thought I would add some of these comments to my website, and if you own some of my artwork, please let me know and send me a review. I’d love to add more!


If are on social media and loved something I created, the greatest compliment one can give is to post that! Posting my artwork helps me connect with new clients and helps companies see my work, which provides me with more opportunities. One of the best ways to also help me out, is if you tag a company on your post. For instance if you have a Topps Star Wars sketch card I did that you like, please tag Topps, Disney and Lucas Film on it. I also just like seeing where my artwork ends up, as sometimes it can be in another country or continent, or in the hands of someone I befriend because we both love the same thing like Star Wars.

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Legendary baseball player Fergie Jenkins commented on the painting I made of him for the 2020 Topps MLB Museum Collection set.

“Beautiful work and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!” Private commission, K. Turner

Actor Joshua Hoover from the Walking Dead commented and kindly shared an official Topps Walking Dead sketch card I drew of his character.

Actor Garrett Wang from Star Trek: Voyager complimented a portrait I drew of him.

“I have seen quite a bit of his work for this series and all great, IMO mine looks the best. I cannot stop looking at it. Really great work Matt!! Thank you for being a part of this series!”From Blowout Cards Forum, username: R3gulator

“That is a gorgeous card. A great capture of Cavan’s expression without a doubt.

I just wanted to offer my compliments. I recently came across your listing and was very impressed. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Biggio is one of two players I’ve been collecting cards of since they first appeared in print. So you kind of hit a soft spot with this guy.

In any case, just wow. Great work.” ~username ahzmodean

“Hi I ordered a hobby box of Star Wars chrome perspectives Jedi Vs. Sith and got one of your sketch cards. I just wanted to say that I love your work! Awesome job! I ordered a third box I hope I get another one.” A. Quirk