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I’m heavily influenced by graphic and comic artwork. Some of my favourite comic artists are Bernie Wrightson, Terry Moore, Michael Allred, Jack Kirby, Stuart Immomen, Frank Miller, Eric Powell, Dave Dorman, and Mike Mignola.  Outside of comic artwork, I have always loved Edward Hopper and N.C. Wyeth, which are influences in my full colour illustrations and paintings. I have also loved studying the works of Mucha, Henri Matisse, Goya, and Paul Gauguin. In particular, I love the intricate and organic layouts of Mucha and is something I wish to expand upon more in my portfolio.

Types of Illustrations & Designs

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Published Artwork Commissions Logos Film Design & Storyboards
Sequential Artwork Digital Designs Scientific Illustrations

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Published Artwork

Commissions & Other Traditional Illustrations



Sequential (Comic) Work

These are some unpublished examples of what I’ve done.


comic strip of the Mandalorian, first episode drawn as fan art by matt stewart


I love designing logos. Logos are always a reflection of an identity but also an expression of creativity. Some of the logos I’ve created are text based and others are symbol based; it all depends on the what the client needs and what suits their identity best.

For my designs, my process begins with rough pencil and coloured sketches. From there I choose the best of the designs and recreate them in Illustrator, while also creating a colour palette. I choose Illustrator as I can create vector designs that can be resized to any measurement without losing details.

Logo Booklet

A logo book is a detailed analysis of a logo. The book will tackle many of the ways a logo might be deployed, and how best to handle the logo in those situations so that the corporate identity remains readable and more importantly, standardized. A logo book can also branch out to larger corporate identity concepts such as what fonts to use and how to layout a letter.

Digital Designs



Examples of my Scientific Illustrations



Film Design & Storyboard Work

I have been fortunate to work on a few feature films, tv shows, and short films. On these projects I have created advertising booklets, logos, storyboards, and character and set designs. Because of my passion and experience creating comic books, my storyboards have been highly successful as I imagine different layout and framing options for the scenes.

Charlie Foxtrot Terra – TV Show Pilot
Character and Set Designs

Day Job – TV Show Pilot

Examples coming soon.

A Slice of Life: A Man With His Knife – TV Show Pilot

Examples coming soon.

Star Wars Fan Film – Short for Film Competition

Examples coming soon.

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