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Pickled Peanut Blog

pickled peanut drawing
Drawing I did back in 2008 of a pickled peanut.

Waaaay back in 2008, while I was working on my Masters, I started a blog on Blogger called Pickled Peanuts. At the time, blogs were becoming the thing to have, and until the past few years I was not exactly savvy with website development. While working on a Masters it was also common to find something completely different and useless to do that was a monumental time suck. A blog was pretty good at that!

Up until 2012 I somewhat frequently uploaded content to this blog; for whatever reason my attention drifted away to something else. I recently had the idea that I haven’t looked at my blog in several years and it might be fun to repost some of the blog posts here. In particular, I was thinking back to 2010 when my wife and I visited San Diego Comic Con. Shortly after our trip, I recounted our trip on my blog. I think I did a fairly good job, recounting each day we were in San Diego and uploaded a fair number of accompanying photos.

Reposting the Pickled Peanut blog posts is a little off topic of the art posts I had previously been releasing here, but I feel it fits. My website is not just about the things I create, but also the things I love! I’ve also been slowly working on a few comic book ideas that I hope to have up here in the next few months. I haven’t decided how exactly I will be sharing these comics, but the idea is that they will be regular mini-comics of a panel or two that I will post every week.

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