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New Personal Sketch Cards for Sale

Over the past few weeks I’ve been spending some time working on painting personal sketch cards. All of these are on fan art cards with printed designs on the front and back. Most of these have a 1980’s theme besides one of Doctor Who that was done on a a Science Fiction from the Cosmos card and a two card set for Wayne’s World, done on a 90’s themed card.

Click on any of the images below to purchase one or more of them or click here to visit my whole shop to see everything that’s available!

personal sketch card of taylor swift painted by matt stewartTaylor Swift Artwork

I thought it’d be fun change up one of the Totally Radical 80’s cards and use it to paint a portrait of Taylor Swift on it, but use the cover of her 1989 album cover for the artwork. I painted her portrait with designer gouache and pencil crayons, and then used POSCA markers to alter the design on the bottom of the card.

Personal Sketch Cards for Sale

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2023 upper deck cosmic sketch card by matt stewart of an alien planet and galaxy
2023 Upper Deck Cosmic
sketch card of ahsoka drawn by matt stewart for the 2021 mandalorian season 2 trading card set
2021 Topps Mandalorian Season 2
sketch card of doctor strange for upper-deck 2023 marvel premier trading card set
Upper Deck Marvel Premier
sketch card of ultraman throwing a punch with a yellow background
Ultraman Series 1

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