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sketch card of ultraman throwing a punch with a yellow background

It Packs a Punch: Artwork for the RRParks Ultraman Trading Cards

I’ve worked on a few trading card sets from RRParks Cards (like the Old Man Like Ron set) and each one has been a fantastic experience in the quality of the cards I work on, the wide ranging subject matter and how it differs from the other projects I commonly work on, and most importantly, how easy it is to work with Richard Parks, the owner of the company. He puts the collector and the artists first, and the Ultraman project was no different from the past projects except this was hands-down his most popular release to date.

For this Ultraman release I focused on the characters and scenes from the first iconic season of the show. I drew a number of fight scenes between Ultraman and Kaiju, which were drawn in a comicbook style. I also drew a few portraits, with one being selected for reproduction in the set.

Shortly after finishing this project I found out due to its popularity there would be two more sets, which would include imagery from Ultraseven and other later seasons. Check out RRParks website to see what sets are coming up next and to order a box of Ultraman cards (while they last!).

Ultraman on Youtube

Did you know all of the original 1966 Ultraman episodes can be streamed on Youtube for free. They’re pretty corny compared to today’s shows but still a lot of fun to watch!

ultraman kaiju sketch card drawn for the rr parks trading card set


The sketch card of Mitsuhiro Ide (played by Masanari Nihei) I drew for this set was reproduced for this project. The original sketch card was inserted into a random pack and the published card was also included in the packs.

I have a small quantity of these to sell and to add one of my Ide cards to your collection ($20US each), which is signed on the back, please use the form below and I can send you an invoice with the shipping amount for where you live.

Contact Me to Commission an Ultraman Drawing or to Purchase an Ide Basecard

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