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Inktober is a challenge to artists of all levels to create one inked drawing a day for the entire month of October. There are other iterations of this challenge, such as Drawlloween, where the theme is based on Halloween imagery but the challenge is basically the same. The point of it all is to encourage people to draw more frequently, for practice is the absolute key to improving one’s drawing abilities.

inktober theme listThere can be any theme, or no theme at all for Inktober. I chose a prompt list I saw another artist post that listed various monsters from books and film. I stuck fairly closely to this list but at times deviated when a character didn’t interest me or I had a better idea, such as drawing Hellboy, a Victorian type ghost, and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.

During the month of October I was also working on several other projects and went on a quick vacation at the end of the month. This meant that some of the drawings were more rushed than others, however I went into this with the intention of only spending 30 minutes to an hour for each drawing. My intention was to do fairly quick sketches that may or may not be perfect, but challenged me more on creating an interesting concept /design.

Some artists create digital works for their Inktober sketches, while others work in traditional mediums. The amount of time and type of materials people use for these varies but for mediums I wanted to stick with a more traditional approach. I drew each of these in a spiral bound 7×10″ 98lb mixed media sketch book. The pages are nice and thick, holding ink well and providing a nice tooth in the paper to create texture in the inking. On some of them, like Godzilla, I felt that a splash of red would work well. I didn’t want to use full colour but rather one colour to make a certain element pop.

Inktober Sketches for 2017

all of the #inktober2017 sketches from matt stewart

All of my Inktober sketches are for sale. I didn’t necessarily create these or do the Inktober challenge to sell artwork, but I did feel I should make them available in case someone liked a particular drawing I did.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my sketches, I am offering them at $20 each if you live in Canada or $25 if you live in the States, plus whatever you feel the drawing is worth. The $20 or $25 covers the shipping and materials of the drawing, and the extra money will help me buy new art supplies but figured I would leave that amount up to you, the person supporting my art. Send me a message here if you are interested in purchasing, just tell me which one and how much you would like to pay for it!

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