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Portfolio of Graphic Design, Illustrations, Web Dev, & More

Above is a collection of links to different parts of my portfolio. I thought it easier to navigate through my portfolio by breaking it into separate pages as I have worked in a number of different fields including graphic design, web development, social media marketing, illustration, and more. Plus, some of these fields have greater specification such as logo design and brochure /flyer layout and design made sense to be separated from a more general page of digital design. Please click through the tabs above to see examples of my work and further down this page is a point form list of my highlighted skills.

How I Design?

I utilize Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign for the majority of my digital designs. I use them all equally and have no favourites as they are tools and each task may require a specific tool to complete it; for instance a logo would require Illustrator and a photo retouch would require Photoshop, but using all of them in a poster would require InDesign. My workflow for these projects, even when a software program is required, starts with a pencilled sketch. Even for my website designs I’ll often start with a doodle. I will create dozens of doodles to get out as many ideas as possible and then research what’s been done before to gain further ideas or polish some of the ones I had already drawn. From there I will choose the best of the hand-drawn designs and redo them in Illustrator or whatever other program is required; if it’s an illustration like a scientific drawing of a stone tool or a comic book page, then I’ll redraw the idea on a larger piece of paper.

Skill Highlights

Traditional & Digital Illustrations

  • Portraits
  • Comic book art (covers and interiors)
  • Sports illustrations
  • Sketch card artwork
  • Book Cover Illustrations
  • Scientific Illustrations
  • Storyboards
  • Character designs
  • Illustrations for board and card games
  • Album cover artwork
  • Poster artwork

Social Media Marketing

  • HubSpot, Buffer, & other social media scheduling platforms
  • Constant Contact & MailChimp
  • Paid online advertising campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing reports
  • Social Media strategies for small to large businesses
  • Specialized graphics and content
  • Business pages for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Best practices for tying social media in with websites

Web Development

  • WordPress
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SASS, MYSQL, and PHP
  • Website Design and Layout (wireframes)
  • SEO
  • UX
  • Website graphics and icons
  • Ecommerce websites, in particular woocommerce

Historical Resource Management

  • Archaeological permit holder for Alberta & Saskatchewan
  • Experience conducting surveys in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, & Northwest Territories
  • Archaeological /historical surveys
  • Mitigations (lead & crew)
  • TLU
  • HRO reports
  • Government & stakeholder liaison
  • Project Management
  • Report writing
  • Lab analysis

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premier, & Acrobat
  • Photograph edits
  • Infographics
  • Magazine, book, brochure and other layouts
  • Logo designs
  • Business card designs
  • Website layout and design
  • Banners for social media, websites, and print campaigns
  • Wedding invitations and other graphics
  • Website and document icons
  • Package designs
  • T-Shirt graphics

Where I Learn & Improve my Design Skills

I have certificates in graphic design and web development, plus a BA and MA in archaeology, but how I improve my skills is through books and the internet. I have a collection of design and archaeology books that I frequently reference. I perhaps weirdly also just enjoy reading these types of books.

The internet can be a wonderful place for information and misinformation. If you’re careful thought and do your research, you can find some terrific information to help you improve your skills. There are dozens of graphic designers, web developers, and illustrators I’ve found on Instagram and Youtube that I regularly watch videos from. There’s also great websites like Juxtapoz that offer free access to insightful articles about impactful graphic designers, and all of this from the videos to the articles to the books help grow my skills and fuel me with inspiration for future projects. As a side note, for coding there’s apps like Encode that help you learn fundamental skills in coding and websites like the discussion sections on GitHub and online magazines like CSS-Tricks.

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