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Don’t Turn That Dial! 2023 Upper-Deck Wandavision Sketch Cards

The 2023 Wanda Vision trading cards from Upper-Deck were released this week and it’s the first in what will be many new Marvel sets that I’ve worked on coming out in 2023. Unlike other sets I’ve work on, like Star Wars for example, the MCU trading card sets from Upper-Deck do not feature artwork based off the movies or TV shows, but instead the comic book characters. As a massive comic book collector, drawing the comic book versions of these characters was a blast, especially in choosing to draw some of my favourite characters from the Marvel Universe!

As is true for pretty much every project I work on, I’m also a fan of the property. I’m a huge comic book collector and LOVE anything Marvel that hits the small or big screen. I linked a clip from one of the Wandavision episodes that features one of my favourite lines from perhaps the entire MCU. I loved the show as a whole but this particular scene was perhaps the high water mark for the entire series.

But what is grief, if not love persevering?

My Wanda Vision Sketch Cards:

I drew all of my cards in a comic book style, using ink pens and copic markers. It was really fun to draw some of my favourite comic book characters and to do so in a looser style than what I do for the portraits in Star Wars or MLB sets. I also tried to include backgrounds in the majority of the cards, with albeit mixed results. Jocasta has a laboratory type background, Luke Cage is walking through the streets of NYC, and so forth. However, I tried drawing some flowers in a more abstract way behind the Wasp and I’m not sure how well that turned out. 

As this was the first of the Marvel sets I did for Upper-Deck, which turned into a string of sets, I wanted to do mostly bigger name characters. There’s a few lesser known characters like Jocasta, but in some of the subsequent sets I dig far deeper into the lesser known characters and especially with some of my faves from the Daredevil comics, which is my favourite of the Marvel comics. 

Check out some of my previous Upper-Deck projects like 2020 Goodwin Aesop Fables or the 2017 Clerks set.

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