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Custom Sketch Cards to have Signed by Celebs!

A couple months back I had a table at a small, local comic show. I was specifically there to sell and talk about my sketch cards, with me having a panel at the end of the day discussing what sketch cards are and how I go about making them. As the show was approaching I made a few extra drawings to sell at the show, including three drawings of one of the celebrities that would be there. My idea, which isn’t that original as I’ve seen others do this, was to create a few sketch cards of Garrett Wang who played Ensign Kim on Star Trek: Voyager. At the bottom of the drawings I left a blank space where someone could have him sign it. While I’ve seen other artists sell commissions like this online, I’ve never seen an artist sell something like this at a comic con.

Custom Sketch Cards

three garrett wang sketch cards drawn by matt stewart

Above are the three sketch cards I created to have signed by Garrett Wang. Unfortunately, the con was poorly attended and none were sold, but I still really like this idea and the actor himself even saw these and commented on how much he liked them!

ultra pro one touch caseEach of these cards is sold in an Ultra Pro one-touch plastic case. These are perfect as they are thick and sturdy, able to be easily displayed on a shelf, and easily open for an actor to sign.

Commission Your Own

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning such a sketch card or something else from me that could be signed by your favourite celebrity or athlete. The price is $100 for a sketch card, including the drawing, the one-touch case, and shipping within North America. I will need approximately 2 months notice, but the end result will be something truly unique!

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