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Don’t Turn That Dial! 2023 Upper-Deck Wandavision Sketch Cards
2022 Hannibal Art Book Illustration
Interview with Chris Mixer About Collecting Sketch Cards
Making Your Own Sketch Cards

The 2023 Wanda Vision trading cards from Upper-Deck were released this week and it's the first in what will be many new Marvel sets that I've worked on coming out

January 21, 2023

A little while ago I was contacted by a baseball card collector who had picked up some of the original paintings I created for Topps MLB Gallery. These paintings were

September 9, 2022

Recently, one of the biggest collectors of sketch cards I know and easily the most knowledgable person of the artform I know, Chris Mixer, asked me a few questions about

July 16, 2022

Making sketch cards is possibly far more complicated than you might think. You might assume from looking at one that it’s a simple task of just sitting down and sketching

June 17, 2022