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General notes about commissions:

  • Complexity increases price. 
  • The below prices are an estimate and can change from time to time. Please use the form below to get an accurate quote.
  • All large illustrations will have roughly a 1″ border on the paper.
  • All prices are in USD.
  • Time to complete a commission varies but plan on at least 1 month for completion.
  • Every commission comes with a free print as a thank you!
  • Rule of thumb is that the smaller the paper size, the less detail that will be in the drawing.

Custom Sketch Cards (2.5×3.5″)

  • Personal sketch card (not an Artist Proof from licensed trading card set) starts at $90. There are some limitations on what I can and cannot draw on PSC. 
  • I have a limited amount of licensed artist proof sketch cards I can use for commissions. Prices vary based on what property /company and complexity of the drawing. Message me for more information.

Check out some of my previously created sketch cards

Small to Large Illustration Commissions 

  • Comicbook full colour sketch covers start at $200. I have a LARGE assortment of comics to choose from, from Marvel to DC to Image.
  • 4×6” full colour illustrations start at $110.
  • 5×7” full colour illustrations start at $135.
  • 6×8” full colour illustrations start at $160.
  • 8.5×11” full colour illustrations start at $185.
  • 11×17” full colour illustrations start at $250.
  • Please contact for larger sizes

Extra Info:
*$20 extra for lettering & $25+ for extra individual drawn. Only available on 4×6” or larger sizes
*Prices in US Dollar, paid via PayPal  & includes shipping (within the continental US & Canada) unless otherwise stated
*If the cost is under $100 then 100% of payment is needed upfront. Anything above $100 is half at the start and the remainder before it ships. No payment is requested until the project is about to begin.
*All illustration work are final sales.
*Unless otherwise agreed upon, NO commissioned artwork may be reproduced by the person who commissions it.

Check out some examples of my larger illustrations

Once payment is made I’ll start pencilling within 1-2 weeks (unless otherwise stated) and send you a photo to make sure you like it (you can make 3 small modifications on the pencil sketch). Then I’ll start colouring it in a medium of my choosing and either I can send you progress shots or surprise you when it arrives in your mailbox. If I decide to make a print of the drawing, you will receive 5 free copies (this does not apply to licensed sketch cards as NO prints can be made of these). You cannot make prints yourself of the work I create for you but please do share your commission online and tag me in your post. A short bit of feedback on the commission, like that you loved it, is appreciated as I put these up on my website. Also, if you are extremely satisfied with the commission I do appreciate tips once everything is completed and the illustration /design is in your hands. 

What Others Have Said

I’ve had a number of collectors and the people that have commissioned me for work come back and tell me how much they loved what I created. I thought I would add some of these comments to my website, and if you own some of my artwork, please let me know and send me a review. I’d love to add more!

If are on social media and loved something I created, the greatest compliment one can give is to post that! Posting my artwork helps me connect with new clients and helps companies see my work, which provides me with more opportunities. One of the best ways to also help me out, is if you tag a company on your post. For instance if you have a Topps Star Wars sketch card I did that you like, please tag Topps, Disney and Lucas Film on it. I also just like seeing where my artwork ends up, as sometimes it can be in another country or continent, or in the hands of someone I befriend because we both love the same thing like Star Wars.

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