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Chewbacca Commission


chewbacca commission drawn by matt stewart
Chewbacca commission drawn by matt stewart

I was recently commissioned to create a large illustration of Chewbacca! The parameters were pretty wide open for what I could do, besides to have a good amount of detail on Chewy, include his bowcaster, and have an open place for the actor who played Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, to sign it. Really fun piece to work on that took probably about 20 hours. For the background I created something inspired by the battle in Force Awakens outside Maz’s cantina. I included the bare trees, blown out bricks walls and even a First Order stormtrooper in the near background. Probably what I’m most happy with in this illustration was how the bowcaster and Chewie’s hair came out.

For this commission, I used Copic markers and polychromous pencils on Strathemore 500 series paper. 8.5×11″ in size, including a 1-0.5″ border.

Send me a message today for your own commission! They take time to make, so please contact me well in advance for one.

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