Topps 2017 AMC The Walking Dead Season 6 Sketch Cards


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Topps 2017 AMC The Walking Dead Season 6 Sketch Cards

For the first time I had the opportunity to work on AMC’s The Walking Dead property by creating original sketch cards for Topps’ The Walking Dead Season 6 trading cards. I did a relatively small number of sketch cards for this project, with the subject matter being a mix of walkers (zombies) and main cast members from the TV show. Each illustration of an actor was approved by that actor themself, which I always think is pretty cool when I see that they personally approved a drawing I did of them.

I’m also a Fan of the Show!

I’ve been a big fan of the Walking Dead ever since it first came on TV. Back in 2010 I was at San Diego Comic Con with my wife, where we saw posters and whatnot for the upcoming Walking Dead TV show. At the time neither one of us were familiar with the comic book so the TV show meant little to us. Looking back on it, this was a bit of a missed opportunity to see the show’s panel or potentially meet some of the cast!

Right around Halloween of that year I saw TV previews for the Walking Dead and thought it looked pretty good. My wife had to work the night it premiered but the day after I couldn’t stop telling her how good the first episode was. By the next week she was watching the second episode with me and was as deeply hooked on it as I was.

To this day, Sunday nights during the fall and winter months are date nights. My wife and I curl up on the couch, becoming transfixed on watching the Walking Dead followed by the Talking Dead. We’ve loved the show from the start and it’s not the ‘zombies’ that draw us in on a weekly basis, although they are quite entertaining in their own right. Instead, it’s the characters that make us love the show. We love how the show is about people facing extraordinary circumstances. Each character has a full arc, with dynamic changes occurring through their stories.

Artwork I Created for the Set

This was the first project I used oil based pencil crayons on. Previously I had lightly dabbled in them, but for roughly 1/4 of this set I went all out. For all of the walkers I inked them with my trusty Japanese brush pen and then coloured them with Copic markers and used a white gel pen and pencil crayons for highlights or backgrounds. For the portraits I sparingly used the brush pen again or not at all. Then I used copics to create a base layer of colour and then pencil crayons for highlights and on some, like especially the Negan and Glen pictured above, I used an extensive amount of pencil crayon. I repeated this approach in the Star Wars: 40th Anniversary set which was released last month but was actually created after my work on the Walking Dead set.

topps walking dead season 6 artist proofs

For this Walking Dead product, which is the first Topps Walking Dead product to include sketch cards, I was allocated five artist proofs for sale. All five of these have been sold but you can still commission me to create an illustration of your favourite Walking Dead character or walker; just not on a Topps card. Despite all of my artist proofs being sold, I will be posting some examples of sketch cards I did for the set that can be found in the product itself. Look for those being posted on my social media channels like Twitter & Instagram!

Topps 2017 Star Wars Rogue One: Series Two Sketch Cards

As a huge fan of the Star Wars universe I am always happy when I have an opportunity to work on a Star Wars trading card set from Topps. Today Topps releases a new Star Wars trading card set called Rogue One: Series Two. This is the third trading card set I have worked on from Topps that specifically deals with Rogue One – the first two being Rogue One: Mission Briefing and Rogue One: Series One.

What you may not realize is that sketch cards for sets like this one are created months to a year prior to the release of the trading card set. For Rogue One Series 1 cards, like previous Star Wars sets, the trading card product was timed to release as close to the movie’s release date as possible. As this means the artwork must be produced earlier, obtaining reference images of the characters is exceeding difficult. When it comes to the sketch cards, the artists are not privy to anything other than what has been made public.

The Rogue One: Series 2 product is timed to release with the Blue Ray /DVD release of the movie, which meant the deadline for the art cards was cutoff about a week after the theatrical release back in December of 2016. For my reference material, this meant that I had access to all the magazine articles (I was also given some costume photos to work with), all of the trailers, and like a true fanboy I had rushed out to see the movie on opening night. Because I had actually seen the movie I could draw a few of the spoiler characters which I had not previously known about!

In all I created 100 sketch cards for this product. I alternated between water colors and a mixed media of pencil crayons (mainly just white pencils), copic markers, and india ink. I felt a little rushed on some of the cards but am overall happy with my results. Below are 13 of my Artist Returns from this project, all of which are listed on Ebay.

Topps 2017 Star Wars: Rogue One Series Two, Artist Returns

Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Darth Vader Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Chirrut Imwe Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Two Tubes Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Admiral Raddus Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Rebel soldier Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Stormtrooper Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Chirrut Imwe Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Jyn Erso Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Baze Malbus Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card Jyn erso Star Wars Rogue One Series Two sketch card K-2SO Star Wars Rogue One Series Two Shoretrooper sketch card