Commission an Original

Commission rates

Notes about commissioning an original piece of artwork:

  • complexity increases price. Please contact me for details about this as my commission rates are only to give you an idea.
  • All illustrations will have roughly a 1″ border on the paper.
  • All commission rates are subject to change. Deals on prices may be offered if purchasing more than one.
  • Time to complete a commission varies but plan on at least 1 month for completion.
  • Every commission comes with a free print as a thank you!
Custom Sketch Cards (2.5″x3.5″)
  • Black and white or colour sketch card (not an Artist Proof from licensed trading card set) $65+
  • On a licensed artist proof sketch card $125+ (message me for availability)
  • One subject per card and is either a bust or head portrait if drawing a person on it. Rule of thumb is that the smaller the paper size, the less detail that will be in the drawing.

Examples of my sketch cards can be found here

Regular Commissions (dimensions larger than a sketch card)
  • Below commission rates are for colour illustrations that have a simple background. 4×6″ to 6×8″ illustrations come packed in a hard plastic sleeve and inside cardboard packing, all within a bubble mailer.
  • Comicbook sketch covers start at $145
  • 4×6” $85

  • 5×7” $100

  • 6×8” $125

  • 8.5×11” $160

  • 11×17” $225 + shipping (calculated with size & destination)

    *$20 extra for lettering & $25+ for extra individual drawn, only available on 4×6” or larger sizes

    *Prices in US Dollar, paid via PayPal to, & include shipping unless otherwise stated

Examples of my larger illustrations can be found here

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