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Brochure and Flyer Graphic Design Featured Work

Brochures and flyers are always fun to create. I love deciding on which fonts to use, the layout of the text and imagery, editing the imagery so it looks its best, and then seeing a finished product that increases a group’s brand awareness, sales, or whatever else they might be needing.

cover to a photograph book i designed

Photobook Layout & Design

This was one of my favourite projects I’ve worked on as I was behind the full creation of this book. I shot the photos at the event, edited the photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and then created the layout in Adobe InDesign. I also created many of the designs that tied it all together, like the header banner images that have the titles super-enlarged on a light to darker gold colour banner and a more legible version of the header title in a 90% black sans serif font.

Another aspect of this project is that I worked closely with the printers to produce the best possible product within the budget handed to me. Like other projects I’ve worked on, I like to see the paper and print quality a printer has to offer. I obtained a few free samples from a local printer and had my coworkers all gather around to pick what would work best. 

Brochure Design

I’m not lying when I say I really have enjoyed every design project I’ve worked on. They all have their own learning curves, nuggets of creativity, and a massive sense of accomplishment everytime one is finished and sent to print. The featured example here is of a brochure I worked on for AGAT Labs, which was created in InDesign and Photoshop. For the imagery, I used Photoshop to brighten them up and in the case of the laptop and camera images, isolated the image from their original pictures and placed them on a transparent background.

Design Process

My design process on a brochure starts with communicating with the client or coworker. Much of the content and order of said content is up to them and then I use my skills to make it as readable and eye-grabbing as possible. Secondly, and in the case with the brochure featured here, I then apply the inhouse or company branding rules. For this brochure the branding rules was to use yellow polygons on the corners and yellow pipes at the beginning of each H2 header. Beyond what was laid out already, I created a simple and clean style for the tables, consistent way of showing bullet points, and most importantly brought in a consistent leading to the text that helped visually group the headers with the body text and gently separated the groups of text. Overall this brochure came out looking very professional, presents a lot of information while not making someone feel too overwhelmed, and adhered to all of the branding rules.

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