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Boba Fett Print by Matt Stewart

Boba Fett Print

First time I’ve really tried colouring something in Photoshop. Normally when I use Photoshop it is for editing photos or my artwork. For my work at Long View Systems, I often use Photoshop for manipulating colours, removing portions of a photograph so it works better in a graphic, or to add visually appealing text to an image. However, here I imported the hand drawn and inked sketch into Photoshop and then created multiple layers with a few stylistic effects added to them. I don’t know too much about painting in Photoshop, so what I did here was to create ‘flats’ and then manipulate those overtop of one another while the drawing was on a top layer. This is a common way for digitally colouring comics, which led me to the idea of using the Ben dots on the blue background and a paper texture on the Fett helmet. I think it pulls everything together nicely and allows the solid white Fett prototype to really pop.

star wars ralph mcquarrie prototypeThe drawing itself is a compilation of Boba Fett’s helmet (background) and the prototype Boba Fett originally designed for the movie (foreground). I basedmuch of the drawing off the Fett prototype statue produced from Sideshow Collectibles (seen here to the left). Ralph McQuarrie was the main concept artist on the original Star Wars movie, and though you don’t see Boba Fett in the first movie, McQuarrie had designed a costume for him. Originally the costume was all white and had a few important differences from what you end up seeing in the remastered A New Hope and later in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. McQuarrie’s Fett concept is very popular, along with his other concept designs, and I thought it would be interesting to draw this version of Fett with the Fett helmet you see in the movie behind him.

Why is Your Name All Across the Print?

No, my name will not be all across the print once it’s actually made. I place my name across a lot of my art when I post it online to detract from people stealing it. I’ve seen a lot of cases where companies or individuals have stolen other people’s art that they have posted online. This art is then printed or reused for sale by that other party. Sometimes people also steal someone else’s art and claim it as their own to boost their portfolio. So to try and deter this from happening I digitally place my name on my artwork when I post it online 🙂

How Do You Get This Print?

Going to be turning this into a print but it won’t be for sale! The only way to get it is to purchase an original drawing or commission me. This print will be sent with your drawing as a thank you! I have always included thank you’s when people purchase artwork from me and try to do new prints every so often. Usually I only do about 40 copies of a print, so it will run out sooner rather than later!

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