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Another Star Wars 40th Anniversary Sketch Card Buyback

jawa 40th anniversary buyback sketch card drawn by matt stewart

Recently I was contacted by a Star Wars card collector about a sketch card they pulled from a box of Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary. They had a feeling it may have been drawn by me but there was no signature on the back. If you recall from an earlier blog post I wrote, the 2015 High Tek sketch cards did not have the artist sticker autos attached to their backs. Thankfully, I signed my initials to the front of the sketch card. The collector saw the initials and thought it was done by me, and sure enough it was!

It’s pretty odd that I now know of at least two of my 2015 High Tek sketch cards were inserted into the 40th Anniversary set! I wonder if this will be the last one I see or if more will pop up in the near future?

Do you own one of my sketch cards?

Let me know if you own one of my sketch cards! I love hearing from collectors that have one of my sketch cards in their collections. One of the cool things about working on these projects is that my little drawings end up in the hands of people all across the globe!


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