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Buyback Sketch Card from Topps 2017 Star Wars 40th Anniversary Trading Cards

I was one of the sketch card artists that worked on the Topps 2017 Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Set. What I didn’t know while working on the set was that the product would include buyback cards. These are previously released Star Wars cards, principally being cards from the original 1978 set. The cards were stamped with a silver 40th anniversary logo to make them unique. In addition to these 1978 cards were choice other cards from previous Topps Star Wars sets.

I often check Ebay to see if any of my previous work is being resold. This helps me gauge a price point for selling my sketch card artist returns. Upon doing this I found a 40th Anniversary buyback card of one of my own sketch cards! Topps had chosen the below sketch card of a Pit Droid I drew for the 2015 High Tek release; the 40th stamp is on the back of the card. Pretty happy they felt that one of my older sketch cards was good enough to include in this buyback set!

sketch card of a pit droidbackside of 40th anniversary star wars buy back sketch card

Commission a 2015 Star Wars: High Tek Sketch Card

The 2015 High Tek product was a bit of an odd set to work on. Artists were supplied with smaller than usual sketch cards to work off of. These were then sent to Topps where they were manufactured into the reflective casing you see in the photo above. As per every product I work on, I receive a given number of sketch card returns to resell. For this set my artist return sketch cards were sent to me blank, where I would work on the cards after they had already been encased with a¬†shiny border. As I’ve been quite busy I never got around to working on these cards. Please contact me here for rates on commissioning an illustration on one of these cards!

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