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2023 upper deck cosmic sketch card by matt stewart jupiter

2023 Upper-Deck Cosmic Sketch Cards

Upper Deck Sketch Cards

I’ve created Upper-Deck Sketch Cards on a few different types of projects. I’ve worked on various Marvel Comics sets, sets based off movies like Aliens or TV shows like Firefly, and sets that aren’t based on any properties. This 2023 Upper-Deck Cosmic set is one of those projects not associated with any property and the freedom to draw pretty much whatever was a lot of fun.

2023 upper deck cosmic sketch card by matt stewart of a galaxy

Space Artwork

For these Upper-Deck Sketch Cards I used designer gouache on some and for the others I used marker and india ink, plus splattered white acrylic paint.  I took inspiration from space exploration photographs but made the images my own. I leaned into bright and often contrasting colours. I also used a few different styles when inking, with loose and chaotic lines to a more patterned approach that I felt was similar to what Jack Kirby did when drawing his space scenes.

2023 upper deck cosmic sketch card by matt stewart jupiter

Upper Deck Epack

Upper-Deck sells many of their card products on their website, Epack. Sometimes these sets are exclusive to this online platform, which this Cosmic set is. It’s free to create an account and then you have to pay for the packs or boxes. You get to see what’s inside each pack, opening them virtually through their site. However, besides most base cards, what you get from the packs are not virtual and the physical cards can be mailed to you.

2023 upper deck cosmic sketch card by matt stewart black hole

How Do I Promote My Artwork?

I promote my artwork by sharing them on a regular basis on social media and my website. I also do other things but most of my time promoting my artwork is spent online. If you’re looking to how to better sell your artwork and get more attention on the artwork you create, or get noticed by a company like Upper-Deck, I strongly recommend creating sketch cards of a subject matter the card company produces and then post it regularly on social media. My strategy is to post 1-2 times a day on Twitter and Instagram, 1-2 a week on Facebook and Bluesky, and once every week or two on my website here.

Upper-Deck Sketch Cards Promotion

It’s also important when posting your artwork that you brand it. If I’m posting a work-in-progress photo then I just post the photo, but finished pieces get branded. I scan the artwork I create for every project. I take those scans and put them in digital graphic card I create in Photoshop, as shown in the images I have on this page. For this project I created the card to have Upper-Deck and my logos at the top, and in between is the product name and then I say if the card is inserted into the pack or is an artist proof that someone can buy form me. By having the logos and my name there then if someone reposts my image people will see that it was me who did it. Some artists include watermarks and such stuff to the images they post online but I’m just not that concerned with it. 

Backside of a 2023 upper deck cosmic sketch card by matt stewart

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