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Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria

Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria is the fourth Walking Dead trading card set I’ve had the pleasure of working on! I am a huge fan of the TV show and greatly enjoy drawing some of my favourite and most hated characters from the show. This time around, the Road to Alexandria set allowed me to draw from any of the characters from the past 8 seasons of the TV show, plus a select few Walkers.

Since I could draw characters from the past 8 seasons of the Walking Dead, I decided to forego drawing Walkers and focus on cast members. I also stepped away from doing some of the current and recent main cast as I had already drawn many of them in the last few projects I had worked on.

Above and below are some 18 examples of the sketch cards I created for this set. I stuck with the same methods I have been using in previous sets, with using Copic markers and oil based pencil crayons over top. On a few, however, I also used black india ink and the white backgrounds on cards like the Olivia below were created with brushed acrylics.

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Do you have a favourite Walking Dead sketch card I’ve drawn or is there a character that you haven’t seen me draw before? Let me know down below in the comments section!

Start Making Your Own Sketch Cards!

Below are links to the materials I use!

2 thoughts on “Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria”

  1. Hey man, are these included as original art in full packs of other prints?? I don’t understand how it works. You sketch, they print? Or they literally sell only one original as a chase? How can you possibly get paid for that?

    1. Thanks for asking! They are all original art and included in the packs.Sometimes, like some of my recent MLB work for Topps, they do reproduce some of the sketch cards I create for the sets. However, the vast majority of the time my original 2.5×3.5″ sketch card drawings are only inserted into the packs. All of this I find is pretty cool for collectors as you have the chance to get a piece of original artwork!
      As for my payment, I get paid per project and receive a small number of the sketch cards to resell. These are called artist returns or artist proofs, many of which I’ve posted here.

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