Overwatch League on Upper-Deck Epack

Not only do I love drawing sketch cards for trading card sets, but I also love collecting cards. Upper-Deck makes some of my favourite sets of cards from sports I love like hockey & the CFL along with non-sports franchises like Marvel Comics, Aliens, and more recently a set for the James Bond movies. Recently, Upper-Deck has expanded into the esports genre with their new Overwatch League trading cards available on their epack program.

Follow this link to find out more about Overwatch League trading cards from Upper-Deck.

Esports is where people competitively play video games, with millions of people watching them compete. People in the thousands will go to the events in person or watch online and can now collect their favourite competitors in a trading card format. As Upper-Deck has said, this is the “first-ever official esports league trading card release as well as stickers, sticker books, prints, posters and memorabilia”. I love that trading cards continue to grow into new fields and with the rise in popularity of esports it only makes sense!


What also makes sense, is that since esports is principally a digital medium that their first trading cards also be offered in a digital medium through epack. Epack is an online collectible trading card website from Upper-Deck. On this website a user may purchase, collect, and trade their cards. Numerous different Upper-Deck trading card products are offered there including hockey, football, entertainment, and now esports. In addition to buying, collecting, and trading, people can also connect with other collectors on the epack website to talk about their hobbies!

If you also prefer having your cards in hand, epack also facilitates that! You can purchase your cards online and when you’re ready to add them to your physical collection at home you can select those cards in you epack account and have them shipped to you. The cards you get in your digital account are the same ones you get shipped to you! Very cool process.

Follow this link to create your own FREE epack account.


Ask a question!

Do you follow the Overwatch League and are excited about their new trading cards? Have questions about the trading cards or how to use epack? Ask away below!

End of Year Artist Return Sale

I am having a year end sale on some of my artist return sketch cards. They are $60(USD) each with free shipping and will offer a discount if ordering more than one. To purchase, just message me at the bottom of the post with your email address and which sketch cards you want to pick up. I’ll then send you an invoice through PayPal within a day.

For this sale, I am including the Terminator 2 and Gerry Anderson sketch cards I created for Unstoppable cards, Mars Attacks: The Revenge sketch cards from Topps, 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron from Upper-Deck, 2015 Ant-Man from Upper Deck, and a Ghostbusters sketch card from Cryptozoic. With each purchase I will also send you a free print of one of my drawings -it might be a sports illustration, Creature from the Black Lagoon, a Vader print or a Boba Fett print!

Artist Returns
unstoppable sketch card sale sheet
sale artist return sketch cards by matt stewart


To order one or more of my artist return sketch cards, please message me below with the name and number of the sketch card. For the sketch card number, just tell me the set name, like Terminator 1 or Avengers 10, so I know which card you want! I will reply to your email within 24 hours and send you a paypal invoice! Easy-peasy!




Black Friday Sale

Trying a Black Friday sale this week. From now until the end of next weekend (Nov. 26th), I’ll have a bunch of my artist return sketch cards for sale. Some of these are from a few years ago and a few are from this year. To pick some up, just fill out the form I’ve put at the bottom with the set name and the corresponding number /letter I’ve put next to the sketch card. After that, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the cards you selected.

If you pick up 3 or more of my sketch cards I’ll also send you another sketch card for free. This will be a random sketch card from a binder I have of drawings I’ve done for fun or for practice -they’re not artist returns.

Black Friday Sketch Card Sale
topps star wars artist return sketch cards by matt stewartmix of artist return sketch cards by matt stewartterminator 2 and walking dead artist return sketch cards by matt stewart2017 topps mars attacks artist return sketch cards2015 upper deck firefly artist return sketch cards by matt stewart2015 upper deck dinosaurs artist return sketch cards by matt stewart

Sale lasts only until November 26th, 2017!

Upper Deck Grandeur Coins

My website is primarily for featuring the artwork I create. However, I also love collecting. Much of my art is within the realm of collecting as I create sketch cards and I love drawing fan art of athletes, superheroes or movie personalities. In this post, which will not be the sole entry in the category of collecting, I’m focusing on collecting something very unique -Upper Deck Grandeur Coins!

Back in the Day

When I was a kid I collected everything. I still do to this day, but back then I collected EVERYTHING. Back then one particular collecting interest I had was coins. This was in the early 1990’s and I would collect whatever special coins would be circulating at the time. Every so often a grandparent might gift me a coin set, but otherwise I would have plastic cups of odd coins.

During the mid-late 90s I pretty much stopped collecting coins. Every so often something would catch my eye in the pocket change sent back my way at a shop, and I would deposit that shiny little something in the plastic cups that I had since being a kid. To this day I have continued that on-again-off-again habit.

Upper Deck Grandeur Coins


This year, Upper-Deck has introduced a new collectible hockey product called Grandeur Coins. These coins are available at CIBIC and through Upper Deck e-Pack™. The coins are legal tender, minted in four finishes of precious metals and feature 20 superstar hockey players. The collection includes 1 oz. 99.99% pure silver coins available in three finishes and rarities. 99.99% pure 1/4 oz. gold coins are also available and limited to just 100 copies.

2017-Upper-Deck-Grandeur-NHLPA-CIBC-Hockey-Coins-ePack-Entire-CollectionHockey cards are something that I have continued to collect since the early 1990s. With this new hockey series of coins, my interest is more than piqued. The artwork is very strong and I quite like the design of the coins with a small representation of the player’s team city in the background. The layers of rarity in the packs, plus the very strong list of featured athletes make each pack a win, even if you don’t know exactly which coin you’ll find in your box, but that level of mystery also adds another layer of interest to this product.

Personally I’d love to find a Tarasenko, Monahan or Jagr coin, but with how spectacular each of these look I’d be happy with anyone of them. Definitely going to order one!


Upper-Deck 2017 Clerks Trading Cards

Upper-Deck 2017 Clerks Trading Cards hit store shelves this week! I worked on this project over a year ago and it’s crazy to see my artwork appear. It is especially crazy because Clerks is one of my favourite movies. I absolutely adore Kevin Smith and all of his cohorts. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Jay & Silent Bob Get Old live show a number of times and have met Jason Mewes once in San Diego Comic Con back in 2010. Still hoping to meet Kevin Smith some day too!

My Part in the Project

For the Clerks trading cards, each card I drew was in colour and based off screenshots from the movie. I created 20 sketch cards, each randomly inserted into trading card packs. I used brushed india ink and copic markers for the colour. At the time, I had not previously used brushed india ink on my sketch cards.

The sketch cards in this product are severely limited, averaging one per case of trading cards. As such, my Artist Proofs are also limited. I have two artist proofs for sale and because I only had two I wanted to do my best at capturing the main characters on these cards. Hence, on one sketch card I have Dante and Randel and on the other is Jay and Silent Bob. Both of these cards will be for sale and you can inquire about purchasing them here.

My Two Artist Proofs

jay and silent bob artist proof sketch card from clerksDante and Randal artist proof sketch card from clerks