Topps 2018 Star Wars: A New Hope Black and White Sketch Cards

Topps 2018 Star Wars: A New Hope Black and White Sketch Cards is a new trading card set that features imagery strictly from the first Star Wars movie (read more about the set here). For my part, I created 35 unique sketch cards but chose to do them all in colour. I somewhat wish I had decided to create them in black and white but perhaps if Topps decides to do another set like this I’ll go with black and white.

This set is my fifteenth Star Wars set that I’ve had the pleasure of working on for Topps; check out the full list of my projects here! Even though I’ve previously drawn all of the major and many of the minor characters in these projects, I still find new scenes, new characters, and new ways of depicting Star Wars imagery. It really is a blast and easily one of my favourite properties to work on in sketch cards.

Pack inserted cards
Puzzle Sketch Cards

For the first time I tried puzzle cards for a Topps Star Wars set. Puzzle cards are when multiple sketch cards connect to create one larger image. For Topps, these puzzle cards are packed separately so a collector would have to track down the other cards of the puzzle. This is unlike Upper-Deck who packs all of the puzzle cards together into a single pack of cards. Because Topps packs the puzzle cards separately, I made sure that each piece of the puzzle would stand on their own. Each card has the full image of a character or ship on it, but the background is what connects the cards together. I also did this for two of my artist returns, which I think worked out well for depicting the Cantina scene where Luke, Obi, Chewie and Han all meet for the first time.

Artist Returns

Different from other Star Wars sets was the inclusion of die-cut sketch cards in the shape of Vader and a Stormtrooper’s helmet. Previously, Topps had recently released bb-8 and bb-9e shaped cards. I loved the idea of vader and trooper shaped cards and while I was sticking with simple portraits I wanted to create something that was interesting to have inside these shapes. For the Vader shaped cards I drew Luke and Leia and for the Stormtrooper helmets I drew a sandtrooper and Tarkin.

Currently my puzzle artist proofs have already sold, but please check my ebay postings for the others. If they’re not listed, contact me about them or a commission!

New!!! My Sketch Cards From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Topps 2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi trading cards came out this week. A few months ago, in September, a prequel trading card set was released. This set was called Journey to the Last Jedi and I had artwork in this product as well. The difference between these two products is that unlike the first set, now I could draw images from The Last Jedi. The Journey to the Last Jedi only had images from Force Awakens.

the last jedi posterImagery used for this new trading card set came from the trailers and publicly released photos, like those found in the special Star Wars Vogue magazine. In the past, with Force Awakens and Rogue One, this is how the artists work on these products. A second series will often follow these where the movie has already been released and then the artists can draw from everything in the movie and you will often see new characters and spoiler type scenes be depicted.

For this set, I drew the character Rose Tico a few times. I knew virtually nothing of the character when drawing her, but now that I have seen the movie I am definitely looking forward to being able to draw her and her sister quite a few times! Other characters I’m looking forward to drawing in, especially in  the context of particular scenes are Luke, Captain Phasma, and Snoke. Before the movie came out there really wasn’t many good photos to draw him from, and now that we can see him in his full glory, it will be a blast to draw!

Examples of my The Last Jedi Sketch Cards

topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi die cut sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 the last jedi sketch card artist returns from matt stewart


















Methods and Materials

For this sketch card series I varied up some of the cards but feel that it was a continuation of where I was headed with the previous, Journey to the Last Jedi sketch cards. For the Last Jedi, most of the cards were created with a pencil sketch followed by a base Copic marker layer. Then I added pencil crayons and continued to play with the pencil crayons, blending and layering them until I was happy. Then, I added a sealant and gel matte overtop and added further details with the pencil crayons.

Some of the sketch cards I tried a different medium. For two of the aliens (first sheet, right side), I used some Japanese poster paints I have. I tried a few different styles with the paints and quite enjoyed it. On some of the other cards, like the landscape ones, I applied a gel matte that is thicker than what I normally use. I added several layers of this gel, leaving behind thick brush strokes on it. I think it added a different style than what people have seen me do before. Lastly, for the troopers I wanted to have a little fun. I gave them all different types of backgrounds and on one I used water colours to give it a wholly different feel. Troopers have always been one of my favourite things to draw from the Star Wars universe and I love changing it up from set to set on how I depict them.

Artist Returns and Commissions

I have a very limited number of artist returns available for sale from this project. I have five regular sketch cards and one die cut. They are $150 plus shipping each and are currently listed on ebay. If you are curious if one is still available or would like to commission your own sketch card or larger illustration from me, please drop me a line here!


Don’t Fear My NEW Walking Dead: Evolution Sketch Cards

The third Walking Dead trading card product I have contributed artwork to has just been released. This product is called Walking Dead: Evolution and it is an all-encompassing product that highlights characters from all of the show’s seasons. For me, this was a lot of fun as I could draw any of the characters that have appeared on the show plus some select walkers.

I contributed 40 sketch cards to this product and have 6 artist returns. Of these 40, roughly half were Walkers and the other half were characters from the show. I wanted to focus on characters that have passed away on the show like Bob, Hershel, and Shane, but also characters that I haven’t previously drawn in the other two trading card sets. When I drew a currently living character, I went for one that is a favourite of mine and that I hadn’t drawn before. To that end you won’t find a Daryl or Rick or Karl, but you will find a Jadis and Jerry!


The turnaround for producing the artwork for this set was very short. Because of that I didn’t have time for full colour on all of the cards. This encouraged me to take a different approach that I think worked very well: red backgrounds with grey character tones.

All but one of the characters I drew for the set (not including my artist returns) is still alive on the show. This card is of Tara, and I drew with grey tones and a red background but wish I had added colour to her. The rest of the cards are of characters that have died on the show and leaving them in grey tones, I think, works very well for that.

For the Walkers, they too are in grey tones with heavy black inks but have spots of red for where there is gore on their bodies. For the backgrounds I added comic style black lines for texture, either in an alternating pattern or in repeated strokes to almost mimic blood dripping down. I also added white paint splatter for more texture. Overall I think it is a striking look!

walking dead character sketch cards drawn by matt stewart

examples of walker sketch cards drawn by matt stewart

more character sketch cards for walking dead evolution by topps drawn by matt stewart
Artist Returns

I specifically wanted to draw villains for my artist returns. I drew the Governor, Gareth, Shane, Jadis and Negan, but also included Jerry because his character is just so damn awesome! These are also some of my favourite characters as they are incredibly dynamic. Gareth was an incredibly rich character that despite only being on the show for a handful of episodes, his character was richly realized. Jadis is a new character on the show, and I’m not entirely sold on if she’s a villain, hero, or something in-between but she’s is assuredly 100% awesome!

If you’re interested in purchasing one or more of my artist returns, I am asking $95 plus shipping. Please contact me below and let me know which ones you want!

walking dead evolution artist return sketch cards by matt stewart


Previous Walking Dead Sketch Cards

To see my previous The Walking Dead sketch cards, please see my posts on Topps Season 6 The Walking Dead Sketch Cards and Topps Season 7 The Walking Dead Sketch Cards.

Custom Sketch Cards to have Signed by Celebs!

A couple months back I had a table at a small, local comic show. I was specifically there to sell and talk about my sketch cards, with me having a panel at the end of the day discussing what sketch cards are and how I go about making them. As the show was approaching I made a few extra drawings to sell at the show, including three drawings of one of the celebrities that would be there. My idea, which isn’t that original as I’ve seen others do this, was to create a few sketch cards of Garrett Wang who played Ensign Kim on Star Trek: Voyager. At the bottom of the drawings I left a blank space where someone could have him sign it. While I’ve seen other artists sell commissions like this online, I’ve never seen an artist sell something like this at a comic con.

Custom Sketch Cards

three garrett wang sketch cards drawn by matt stewart

Above are the three sketch cards I created to have signed by Garrett Wang. Unfortunately, the con was poorly attended and none were sold, but I still really like this idea and the actor himself even saw these and commented on how much he liked them!

ultra pro one touch caseEach of these cards is sold in an Ultra Pro one-touch plastic case. These are perfect as they are thick and sturdy, able to be easily displayed on a shelf, and easily open for an actor to sign.

Commission Your Own

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning such a sketch card or something else from me that could be signed by your favourite celebrity or athlete. The price is $100 for a sketch card, including the drawing, the one-touch case, and shipping within North America. I will need approximately 2 months notice, but the end result will be something truly unique!

Miguel Ferrer (1955-2017)

photograph if miguel ferrer in the movie RobocopIn January of 2017 the talented actor, Miguell Ferrer passed away. Recently, I believe a lot of people were familiar with him from his work on the TV show NCIS. For me it was his roles in the original Robocop movie, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Trafficand his incredibly long list of TV roles including his portrayal of Albert Rosenfield on Twin Peaks.

After his passing I started looking up other bits of information about Miguell Ferrer. Honestly, I had only previously been familiar with his film roles. Like so many other Hollywood celebrities, I read that Miguell’s parents were both celebrities, with his father winning an Oscar. One of his cousins, surprisingly, was George Clooney!

Miguell didn’t start acting until his 20’s, but his career went into overdrive quickly after it started. His childhood passions of comic books, science fiction and action carried through his career. His enthusiasm for the genres he worked in and the opportunities he had was clear, as shown in a 2009 interview with AV/Film where Ferrer was asked about many of his iconic roles including…

RoboCop was maybe the best summer of my entire life. It was the summer of 1986, and it was the best part I’d been asked to do at the time, and working with an amazing director, Paul Verhoeven. The writer Ed Neumeier and I became great friends, and he gave me just so much to work with. I woke up every day and when I was looking at myself in the mirror shaving, I just couldn’t believe my good fortune. I was the happiest guy probably in the state during that time.”

Miguel Ferrer inked portrait by matt stewart
Miguel Ferrer inked portrait by matt stewart


Your Thoughts

This is part of my ongoing series of portraits of those who passed away in 2017. Please comment below if there is someone you think I should include in this series. I have about six more ready to be posted as well 🙂

Topps 2017 Star Wars: Journey to the Last Jedi Sketch Cards

sale sheet for Topps 2017 star wars journey to the last jedi trading cards with product imagesTopps 2017 Star Wars: Journey to The Last Jedi was released today, on Force Friday II! I created 70 regular sketch cards for this product and for the first time in a Star Wars trading card product, 25 shaped sketch cards. For more information on this product, please visit Cardboard Connection.

Despite the product’s namesake, no images from the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, were used in the sketch card artwork. Instead, the idea was to draw from the ‘journey’ to the latest movie with imagery from The Force Awakens. I principally worked from screen shots from the film, focusing on various places featured in the movie and the characters, much like what I’ve done on previous Star Wars sketch card projects.

Technique wise, I used two styles. One was my comic book style of inking my drawings then colouring them with Copic markers. I used various brush and mechanical pens. When drawing these cards I continually mentally reminding myself, ‘what would this look like in a comic book?’. The second style was done without inks, using only Copic markers and polychromous pencil crayons. Provided I have the necessary time (which I do not always have when working on these sets), I can obtain a fairly realistic look. It’s also a softer technique, and while not applicable to this set, is my favoured route for when drawing the Star Wars animated characters.

The shaped cards was a unique inclusion to this product. Previously Topps had not created shaped sketch cards for their sets, or at least not on any of the sets I’ve worked on in the past three years. The deadline for completing these cards was very tight, but I am very pleased with how they turned out. There is a very limited run of these cards and will be exceedingly difficult to find in the product, but I will have a few of these for sale myself!

Examples of my sketch cards for this product

This is not an exhaustive list of what I did. Just some of the scanned sheets for this product.

topps star wars journey to the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart page 1 topps star wars journey to the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart page 2 topps star wars journey to the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart page 3 topps star wars journey to the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart page 4 topps star wars journey to the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart page 5 topps star wars journey to the last jedi BB8 shaped sketch cards by matt stewart page 1 topps star wars journey to the last jedi BB8 shaped sketch cards by matt stewart page 1

Artist Returns for Sale

Any of my artist returns that do not sell here or on my social media channels within the next week or so will be listed on ebay. Please contact me about what artist returns I have for sale and if there is a character or scene that you do not see, I can create that specially for you! Please contact me and let’s make it happen!

Topps Rogue One Cassian Sketch Card

I was recently commissioned to recreate a sketch card I had done for the first series of Rogue One by Topps. There was a mistake in the sketch cards delivered to me, so to correct that I was sent a few blank sketch cards after I had completed the project. With this project, I couldn’t create a new image on the blank sketch card they sent me but instead I could redraw any of the sketch cards I did that were approved by Lucas Film /Topps.

All of my Rogue One Sketch Cards
All of my Rogue One Sketch Cards

So a client chose their favourite sketch card I had done for that set and I then redid it. I think this one came out way better than the first, with more vibrant colours and the ink work being tighter. Client was super happy with it too!

Rogue One sketch card of Cassian
Topps Rogue One sketch card of Cassian
Commission Your Own Drawing!

Would you like to commission a custom sketch card or larger illustration from me? If so, drop me a line!