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These past few weeks I’ve been playing catch-up on pretty much everything, including posting on my website. One thing I’ve been meaning to post about is that I was interviewed twice recently about my sketch card artwork. I was both surprised and flattered that I was asked for such interviews. I was also happy that I could show off some of my artwork to  a few new eyeballs!

I often have blinders on when I get busy, such as the past few months where all I do is focus on meeting art deadlines. It amazes me that people out there like my art and collect it. It’s something I never really expected to have happen five or so years ago and I truly appreciate hearing from people who collect this or that drawing I made!

The first interview was on That Sports Card Podcast back in October of last year. This interview was really cool as I was able to talk about a few different topics that ranged from who I am personally, what I collect, and about the artwork I create. Hopefully I came across OK on the podcast and at some level am interesting to listen to!

The second interview came from the online magazine, Collection Connections. I was sent a few questions which again were about my sketch card artwork and my own collecting hobby. I’m not sure how many other artists collect but I am a big card collector (mainly hockey) along with Lego and comic books. Again, this interview was  a lot of fun to do. Like most people, it’s hard not to enjoy talking about yourself and what you do.

Another cool bit of news is that Steve over at the Star Wars Everything website has been kind enough to highlight some of the sketch card artists on new Star Wars trading card sets produced from Topps. Myself and a handful of other artists have been able to post examples of our sketch cards on his website, where he also talks more in depth about that particular Star Wars trading card product that is coming up. Really appreciate an opportunity to post some more of my artwork!



If you would like to ask me a question directly or interview me for your website or podcast, please drop me a line here!

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