Scientific Illustrations

I went to University to study archaeology, completing an Undergraduate degree in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Archaeology. While completing my degrees, I was always drawing. I’ve always been torn between these two loves: archaeology and art. Scientific illustrations is therefore the combination of these two passions and is something I am actively pursuing more projects in.

Below are a few examples of scientific illustrations I have previously created. Some of these were used in my Masters thesis, some for colleagues’ theses, some for publications, and some for practice. If you would like to work with you on a project, please contact me here!

Examples of my Scientific Illustrations

the skeletal bird bookmark

illustration of how pebble tools are constructedneck of a french bottleGlass French Bottledrawing of a historic ceramic fragment painting of lithic debitage drawing of a historic ceramic fragment drawing of a historic ceramic fragmentMicroblade Core

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