sketch of nasa astronaut Eugene CernanI am an experienced illustrator and designer who has worked on numerous licensed products and a variety of different projects. I gravitate towards the realm of comic books as it is one of my passions  but I also love variety and diving into new realms of art and design.

For traditional illustrations I frequently use pencil, inks, markers, water colours, gouache and pencil crayons; occasionally combining them all for one effect. I enjoy working in a multitude of genres including sport, scientific, portrait comic, science fiction, and fantasy have been the genres I am most experienced with.

In addition to traditional illustrations I enjoy digital design. Much of my design work is vector, created in Adobe Illustrator but I also work with Photoshop and InDesign for photographic edits, layouts, website designs, and more.

Some of my skills include:

Traditional & Digital Illustrations

  • Portraits
  • Comic book art (covers and interiors)
  • Sports illustrations
  • Sketch card artwork
  • Book Cover Illustrations
  • Scientific Illustrations
  • Storyboards
  • Character designs
  • Illustrations for board and card games
  • Album cover artwork
  • Poster artwork

Graphic Design

  • Photograph edits
  • Magazine, book, brouchure and other layouts
  • Logo designs
  • Business card designs
  • Website layout and design
  • Banners for social media, websites, and print campaigns
  • Wedding invitations and other graphics
  • Website and document icons
  • Package designs
  • T-Shirt graphics
  • Social media marketing

Web Development

Social Media Marketing

  • HubSpot platform for analytics, custom emails and more
  • Social Media Marketing reports
  • Social Media strategies for small to large businesses
  • Specialized graphics and content
  • Business pages for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Best practices for tying social media in with websites

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