Read and Hear My Interviews on Sketch Cards and Collecting

These past few weeks I’ve been playing catch-up on pretty much everything, including posting on my website. One thing I’ve been meaning to post about is that I was interviewed twice recently about my sketch card artwork. I was both surprised and flattered that I was asked for such interviews. I was also happy that I could show off some of my artwork to  a few new eyeballs!

I often have blinders on when I get busy, such as the past few months where all I do is focus on meeting art deadlines. It amazes me that people out there like my art and collect it. It’s something I never really expected to have happen five or so years ago and I truly appreciate hearing from people who collect this or that drawing I made!

The first interview was on That Sports Card Podcast back in October of last year. This interview was really cool as I was able to talk about a few different topics that ranged from who I am personally, what I collect, and about the artwork I create. Hopefully I came across OK on the podcast and at some level am interesting to listen to!

The second interview came from the online magazine, Collection Connections. I was sent a few questions which again were about my sketch card artwork and my own collecting hobby. I’m not sure how many other artists collect but I am a big card collector (mainly hockey) along with Lego and comic books. Again, this interview was  a lot of fun to do. Like most people, it’s hard not to enjoy talking about yourself and what you do.

Another cool bit of news is that Steve over at the Star Wars Everything website has been kind enough to highlight some of the sketch card artists on new Star Wars trading card sets produced from Topps. Myself and a handful of other artists have been able to post examples of our sketch cards on his website, where he also talks more in depth about that particular Star Wars trading card product that is coming up. Really appreciate an opportunity to post some more of my artwork!



If you would like to ask me a question directly or interview me for your website or podcast, please drop me a line here!

End of Year Artist Return Sale

I am having a year end sale on some of my artist return sketch cards. They are $60(USD) each with free shipping and will offer a discount if ordering more than one. To purchase, just message me at the bottom of the post with your email address and which sketch cards you want to pick up. I’ll then send you an invoice through PayPal within a day.

For this sale, I am including the Terminator 2 and Gerry Anderson sketch cards I created for Unstoppable cards, Mars Attacks: The Revenge sketch cards from Topps, 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron from Upper-Deck, 2015 Ant-Man from Upper Deck, and a Ghostbusters sketch card from Cryptozoic. With each purchase I will also send you a free print of one of my drawings -it might be a sports illustration, Creature from the Black Lagoon, a Vader print or a Boba Fett print!

Artist Returns
unstoppable sketch card sale sheet
sale artist return sketch cards by matt stewart


To order one or more of my artist return sketch cards, please message me below with the name and number of the sketch card. For the sketch card number, just tell me the set name, like Terminator 1 or Avengers 10, so I know which card you want! I will reply to your email within 24 hours and send you a paypal invoice! Easy-peasy!




New!!! My Sketch Cards From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Topps 2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi trading cards came out this week. A few months ago, in September, a prequel trading card set was released. This set was called Journey to the Last Jedi and I had artwork in this product as well. The difference between these two products is that unlike the first set, now I could draw images from The Last Jedi. The Journey to the Last Jedi only had images from Force Awakens.

the last jedi posterImagery used for this new trading card set came from the trailers and publicly released photos, like those found in the special Star Wars Vogue magazine. In the past, with Force Awakens and Rogue One, this is how the artists work on these products. A second series will often follow these where the movie has already been released and then the artists can draw from everything in the movie and you will often see new characters and spoiler type scenes be depicted.

For this set, I drew the character Rose Tico a few times. I knew virtually nothing of the character when drawing her, but now that I have seen the movie I am definitely looking forward to being able to draw her and her sister quite a few times! Other characters I’m looking forward to drawing in, especially in  the context of particular scenes are Luke, Captain Phasma, and Snoke. Before the movie came out there really wasn’t many good photos to draw him from, and now that we can see him in his full glory, it will be a blast to draw!

Examples of my The Last Jedi Sketch Cards

topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 star wars the last jedi die cut sketch cards by matt stewart topps 2017 the last jedi sketch card artist returns from matt stewart


















Methods and Materials

For this sketch card series I varied up some of the cards but feel that it was a continuation of where I was headed with the previous, Journey to the Last Jedi sketch cards. For the Last Jedi, most of the cards were created with a pencil sketch followed by a base Copic marker layer. Then I added pencil crayons and continued to play with the pencil crayons, blending and layering them until I was happy. Then, I added a sealant and gel matte overtop and added further details with the pencil crayons.

Some of the sketch cards I tried a different medium. For two of the aliens (first sheet, right side), I used some Japanese poster paints I have. I tried a few different styles with the paints and quite enjoyed it. On some of the other cards, like the landscape ones, I applied a gel matte that is thicker than what I normally use. I added several layers of this gel, leaving behind thick brush strokes on it. I think it added a different style than what people have seen me do before. Lastly, for the troopers I wanted to have a little fun. I gave them all different types of backgrounds and on one I used water colours to give it a wholly different feel. Troopers have always been one of my favourite things to draw from the Star Wars universe and I love changing it up from set to set on how I depict them.

Artist Returns and Commissions

I have a very limited number of artist returns available for sale from this project. I have five regular sketch cards and one die cut. They are $150 plus shipping each and are currently listed on ebay. If you are curious if one is still available or would like to commission your own sketch card or larger illustration from me, please drop me a line here!


Second Round of Monsterwax: Shock Stories Sketch Cards

More Horror’ific Sketch Cards for Monsterwax!

Second Round Monsterwax Shock Stories Sketch Cards! Recently I was invited back to do another round of 20 sketch cards for Monsterwax trading cards. A month or so ago I posted about my first round of sketch cards for this series, along with a little story of how this was the first company I worked for to do sketch cards.

For this second round of sketch cards, I used a similar approach as the first but I think they came out a little better. I went with a comic /cartoony style and kept everything pretty loose. For whatever reason I ended up drawing a lot of skulls, which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing!

I have eight artist proofs available for commissions from the work I did on this set. If interested, please send me a message here!

My 20 sketch cards for Monster Wax: Shock Stories

monster wax sketch card scan monster wax sketch card scan monster wax sketch card scan

Upper Deck Grandeur Coins

My website is primarily for featuring the artwork I create. However, I also love collecting. Much of my art is within the realm of collecting as I create sketch cards and I love drawing fan art of athletes, superheroes or movie personalities. In this post, which will not be the sole entry in the category of collecting, I’m focusing on collecting something very unique -Upper Deck Grandeur Coins!

Back in the Day

When I was a kid I collected everything. I still do to this day, but back then I collected EVERYTHING. Back then one particular collecting interest I had was coins. This was in the early 1990’s and I would collect whatever special coins would be circulating at the time. Every so often a grandparent might gift me a coin set, but otherwise I would have plastic cups of odd coins.

During the mid-late 90s I pretty much stopped collecting coins. Every so often something would catch my eye in the pocket change sent back my way at a shop, and I would deposit that shiny little something in the plastic cups that I had since being a kid. To this day I have continued that on-again-off-again habit.

Upper Deck Grandeur Coins


This year, Upper-Deck has introduced a new collectible hockey product called Grandeur Coins. These coins are available at CIBIC and through Upper Deck e-Pack™. The coins are legal tender, minted in four finishes of precious metals and feature 20 superstar hockey players. The collection includes 1 oz. 99.99% pure silver coins available in three finishes and rarities. 99.99% pure 1/4 oz. gold coins are also available and limited to just 100 copies.

2017-Upper-Deck-Grandeur-NHLPA-CIBC-Hockey-Coins-ePack-Entire-CollectionHockey cards are something that I have continued to collect since the early 1990s. With this new hockey series of coins, my interest is more than piqued. The artwork is very strong and I quite like the design of the coins with a small representation of the player’s team city in the background. The layers of rarity in the packs, plus the very strong list of featured athletes make each pack a win, even if you don’t know exactly which coin you’ll find in your box, but that level of mystery also adds another layer of interest to this product.

Personally I’d love to find a Tarasenko, Monahan or Jagr coin, but with how spectacular each of these look I’d be happy with anyone of them. Definitely going to order one!


Blog Posts Coming Soon

As I am still in the process of completing this website I want to hold off on publishing blog posts. In about another week (end of April 2017), I will start posting here on a variety of subjects. These will include art, comic books, publicize upcoming sales on this website, and other semi-random musings. One thing for certain though, is that all of my art and design projects will be announced here. When a new trading card set or a small film that I created storyboards for is about to be released, this will be one of the first places I will talk about it! You can also message me through these posts to ask about these projects!

Overtime there will be a bevy of more reasons to follow my site and I hope you enjoy it!