Mystery Packs of Artwork

Mystery packs of my artwork are available and there’s only TEN available! Each pack will include one original one-of-one personal sketch card, one signed official trading card that features one of my published drawings, one signed mini print, and one of my business cards with a drawing on it! There will also be some packages with an official artist proof sketch card instead of the personal sketch card!

Below are some samples of what you might find in your pack!



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Shipping is only available to the Continental US and Canada but please contact me if you’d like one but live outside of this area. Regular mail shipping will take 2-3 weeks and tracked shipping will take 1-2 weeks. Your tracking number, if you choose that option, will be emailed to you.

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Magik Drawing

I’ve been looking over some of my more recent drawings and it confirmed what I already knew; I’ve drawn A LOT of portraits. It’s a product of how I spend a lot of my time drawing sketch cards that entail drawing mostly portraits (Star Wars and baseball), and that when I am commissioned it is often from people asking me to draw a portrait of this or that person. Don’t get me wrong, I love drawing portraits, but I also love drawing other stuff like comicbook characters!

Since I wanted to enlarge the scope of my portfolio, I decided I’d start with drawing a few of my favourite comicbook characters. I haven’t had a tonne of time to do this, but I did recently finish a sketch of Magik. Also known as Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, she’s an awesome character from the New Mutants, a comicbook from Marvel. The sister to Colossus, the Russian metal clad mutant of the X-Men team, Magik has the ability to teleport between dimensions & use magic, along with weilding an awesome ‘soul’ sword.

The Drawing

Anyways, below is the drawing I did and in the near future I might make a very limited print run of it. The original is also for sale, and measures 6×8″. I used india ink, copics, gesso, and gouache on the drawing. Like most of my drawings, it started off with the pencil sketch and then I inked it. After that I added copics markers for the colours and grey tones. I wanted to try something a little different  so I added a watered down layer of gesso to the back, black area. Overtop of the gesso I added black gouache to darken it again, but the mix of gesso and gouache gave it a different feel that I quite liked. Lastly, I used pencil crayons to mark the outline over the flames and then a little bit of white acrylic splatter.

drawing of magik the new mutants comic book character

For the print, which is shown below, I made a few digital edits to it with bringing up the whites and adding a texture to the background. The texture is of concrete which I thought looked pretty cool and allowed Magik to pop a bit more. I also made the image a little darker than the original and highlighted the white halo around Magik.

Commission Your Own

To commission a drawing like this, please follow the link to my commission page. If you are interested in purchasing this Magik drawing it is $100 with shipping included, and comes with a mystery thank you print! Please contact me below if you would like to score this original drawing!


Materials I used

Pick up the same art supplies I used on these cards below!

Curious about what art supplies I use? Follow the links below to purchase the same supplies I used in creating the Ghostbusters illustration!

Copic Markers

Holbein Traditional Gouache Paints

Faber Castel Polychromous Pencil Crayons


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Ghostbusters Artbook from Printed in Blood

I’m excited to announce that an illustration I created will be included in the upcoming Ghostbusters artbook from Printed in Blood & Insight Editions! The book releases in May and I will have a limited run of official prints to offer at that time.

Order Now

Pre-order your book today! It will come out in May, but secure your copy today & when you see me at a show I’d love to sign it for you!

PRevious Publications

Last year I was published in the Stranger Things: Visions from the Upside Down artbook. This book was also published by Printed in Blood. Check out my previous post to see what I contributed to that book!

stranger things illustration created by matt stewart for the printed in blood artbook, visions from the upside down


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Stranger Things Illustration: Visions from the Upside Down

I am thrilled to announce that one of my illustrations was included in the Stranger Things Artbook: Visions from the Upside Down! This book was printed by Printed in Blood and is available at local comic stores, Chapters, and Amazon!

Original Illustration for the Stranger Things Artbook: Visions from the Upside Down, created by Matt Stewart
Original Illustration for the Stranger Things Artbook: Visions from the Upside Down, created by Matt Stewart

As my illustration was included in the book, I have a very limited print from it! This print is limited to just 200 copies and can only be purchased direct from me! I will have a few copies available at the local Red & White Show in Calgary and might have a few copies available at the Comic Expo in Prince George, but that won’t be till May of 2020. If you’d like to buy a copy of the print from me today, then please contact me here! The prints are $60 each plus shipping if ordering online, and they come with a free mini art print of one of my other drawings!

About the Limited Prints

stranger things art print drawn by matt stewart
Stranger Things art print drawn by matt stewart

My Stranger Things art print measures 16×12″ and is printed on high quality, Mohawk paper. Each print is hand signed and numbered, and you would receive a random numbered print when ordering, however print number 11 is reserved for the person who purchases the original drawing! The prints are shipped unframed via FedEx.

The Original Drawing

The original drawing I created for the artbook is also for sale. I am asking $525 for the original drawing, plus shipping. The original drawing was created with Copic markers, polychromous pencil crayons, gouache and acrylic paints, with a protective archival quality UV spray added overtop. The original is 11.5×9″ with a 1/2 or 1″ border.

Buy Your Copy of the Artbook

Please follow this link to Amazon & purchase your copy of the book today! By purchasing the book through this link you will also help support me in creating more artwork!

Stranger Things Illustration in Printed in Blood Book!

Coming October 15th is a new artbook from Printed in Blood that showcases some amazing drawings inspired by the Netflix original show, Stranger Things. I’m incredibly excited to say that one of my illustrations will be included in this book but I can’t share it until the book comes out! However, I can share a small preview (below) of my illustration and say that once the book is released I will have a limited print run of my illustration for sale! Send me a message if you are interested in purchasing one of these posters and I’ll add you to my mailing list. Also, make sure to visit Printed in Blood to order your copy of the book today!No Fields Found.



Boba Fett Print

First time I’ve really tried colouring something in Photoshop. Normally when I use Photoshop it is for editing photos or my artwork. For my work at Long View Systems, I often use Photoshop for manipulating colours, removing portions of a photograph so it works better in a graphic, or to add visually appealing text to an image. However, here I imported the hand drawn and inked sketch into Photoshop and then created multiple layers with a few stylistic effects added to them. I don’t know too much about painting in Photoshop, so what I did here was to create ‘flats’ and then manipulate those overtop of one another while the drawing was on a top layer. This is a common way for digitally colouring comics, which led me to the idea of using the Ben dots on the blue background and a paper texture on the Fett helmet. I think it pulls everything together nicely and allows the solid white Fett prototype to really pop.

star wars ralph mcquarrie prototypeThe drawing itself is a compilation of Boba Fett’s helmet (background) and the prototype Boba Fett originally designed for the movie (foreground). I basedmuch of the drawing off the Fett prototype statue produced from Sideshow Collectibles (seen here to the left). Ralph McQuarrie was the main concept artist on the original Star Wars movie, and though you don’t see Boba Fett in the first movie, McQuarrie had designed a costume for him. Originally the costume was all white and had a few important differences from what you end up seeing in the remastered A New Hope and later in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. McQuarrie’s Fett concept is very popular, along with his other concept designs, and I thought it would be interesting to draw this version of Fett with the Fett helmet you see in the movie behind him.

Why is Your Name All Across the Print?

No, my name will not be all across the print once it’s actually made. I place my name across a lot of my art when I post it online to detract from people stealing it. I’ve seen a lot of cases where companies or individuals have stolen other people’s art that they have posted online. This art is then printed or reused for sale by that other party. Sometimes people also steal someone else’s art and claim it as their own to boost their portfolio. So to try and deter this from happening I digitally place my name on my artwork when I post it online 🙂

How Do You Get This Print?

Going to be turning this into a print but it won’t be for sale! The only way to get it is to purchase an original drawing or commission me. This print will be sent with your drawing as a thank you! I have always included thank you’s when people purchase artwork from me and try to do new prints every so often. Usually I only do about 40 copies of a print, so it will run out sooner rather than later!

Contact me about a commission or to purchase one of my pre-done drawings below: