Magik Drawing

I’ve been looking over some of my more recent drawings and it confirmed what I already knew; I’ve drawn A LOT of portraits. It’s a product of how I spend a lot of my time drawing sketch cards that entail drawing mostly portraits (Star Wars and baseball), and that when I am commissioned it is often from people asking me to draw a portrait of this or that person. Don’t get me wrong, I love drawing portraits, but I also love drawing other stuff like comicbook characters!

Since I wanted to enlarge the scope of my portfolio, I decided I’d start with drawing a few of my favourite comicbook characters. I haven’t had a tonne of time to do this, but I did recently finish a sketch of Magik. Also known as Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, she’s an awesome character from the New Mutants, a comicbook from Marvel. The sister to Colossus, the Russian metal clad mutant of the X-Men team, Magik has the ability to teleport between dimensions & use magic, along with weilding an awesome ‘soul’ sword.

The Drawing

Anyways, below is the drawing I did and in the near future I might make a very limited print run of it. The original is also for sale, and measures 6×8″. I used india ink, copics, gesso, and gouache on the drawing. Like most of my drawings, it started off with the pencil sketch and then I inked it. After that I added copics markers for the colours and grey tones. I wanted to try something a little different  so I added a watered down layer of gesso to the back, black area. Overtop of the gesso I added black gouache to darken it again, but the mix of gesso and gouache gave it a different feel that I quite liked. Lastly, I used pencil crayons to mark the outline over the flames and then a little bit of white acrylic splatter.

drawing of magik the new mutants comic book character

For the print, which is shown below, I made a few digital edits to it with bringing up the whites and adding a texture to the background. The texture is of concrete which I thought looked pretty cool and allowed Magik to pop a bit more. I also made the image a little darker than the original and highlighted the white halo around Magik.

Commission Your Own

To commission a drawing like this, please follow the link to my commission page. If you are interested in purchasing this Magik drawing it is $100 with shipping included, and comes with a mystery thank you print! Please contact me below if you would like to score this original drawing!


Materials I used

Pick up the same art supplies I used on these cards below!

Curious about what art supplies I use? Follow the links below to purchase the same supplies I used in creating the Ghostbusters illustration!

Copic Markers

Holbein Traditional Gouache Paints

Faber Castel Polychromous Pencil Crayons


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Pet Portrait Art Commissions

I was commissioned to draw two pet portraits as Christmas gifts this year. Oddly, both commissions were of beagles! For both of these commissions I was provided a photo of the pet, with one of the pets only having a portion of the dog showing so I had to figure out what the hind legs looked like from other photos. In both commissions I created a nature background for the dogs, and in one I create an Art Nouveau design in the top right and bottom left corners.

For both of these illustrations I used 400lb Strathmore illustration boards. They measured roughly 9×12″ and I used a mix of gouache paint, gesso, acrylic, Copic markers, and polychromous pencil crayons. As in all of my artwork, I then sealed them with a fixative that prevents smudging and fading. For the gouache work I’ve been using the Pebeo gouache varnish.

Commission your own pet portrait

Both of these commissions were extremely satisfying to do. They are unlike much of what I’ve been recently working on (sports and star wars sketch cards), and would love to do more! If you are interested in a portrait of your pet or having one done for someone you know as a gift, please contact me here. Turnaround time is between 1 and 2 months right now and prices vary according to complexity and size of the image, but to give you an idea of pricing these two were $125US+shipping each.

Black Friday Sale on Sketch Card Commissions

Sketch card commission only $40 from now until Sunday! Only 20 commission slots available & these will be in your hand BEFORE Christmas!

These sketch cards will be in colour and drawn on plain sketch card paper. Limit of one character per sketch card, or it can be a ship, object, or whatnot but only one per card. Backgrounds in colour too but are minimal. Shipping is extra; I live in Canada so domestic shipping is free and to the US is $5 without tracking (tracking is an additional $10).

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Recent Sketch Cards

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to post anything on my website! Last year I was incredibly busy with numerous trading card projects, along with a book cover and a few other projects that will hopefully be released later this year!

Every so often between the licensed card sets I also create sketch cards for charity raffles or for artist exchanges. More and more lately I’ve begun steering away from non-licensed sketch card commissions as I feel I spend enough time as it is drawing on these tiny pieces of paper for the trading card sets, so when a commission pops up I opt to draw on bigger pieces of paper. However, there have been a few charity raffles where I offered a custom sketch card created on plain paper. There are also a number of artists who like to exchange sketch card artwork; these sketch cards are drawn on plain paper that is the size of a sketch card, 2.5×3.5″.

The Princess Leia sketch card shown here was from a charity raffle last year, the Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise from Return of the Jedi was from a sketch card exchange, and the TMNT, Walter White & Bruce Lee sketch cards were all from a raffle I was invited to on Blowout Cards Forum. That last set of raffle sketch cards was held by a few collectors who commissioned sketch cards from a few artists and then they held a raffle for them.

Etsy Store

i sell on etsy graphicI’ve had a store on Etsy since 2011. I used it a little bit at first and sold a few custom sketch cards on it immediately but then switched my focus solely to Ebay. Lately, I’ve found Ebay prices to be going through the roof and my sales declining. Because of that I am starting to use Etsy again.

Etsy charges 20 cents per listing, but each listing lasts for four months. I can also add links to my social media platforms and my website, which increases (hopefully) traffic to all of these places. I can also add posts and other interactive features to my Etsy store. This is a great advantage over Ebay because it allows me to better communicate with people about my artwork and to grow my sales in areas other than just Etsy.

Obi Wan artist return sketch card
One of my Star Wars Artist Returns that I have for sale in my Etsy Store

So far I have filled my store with artist return sketch cards from a few different sets that I have worked on. I have a few Star Wars, Clerks, and the Gerry Anderson sketch cards. My idea is that I will continue to list my new sketch cards on Ebay, but after 2-3 listings the ones that do not sell will not be listed again on Ebay. Instead, I will list them either here on my website or on my Etsy store. Going forward, I may also list other items on my Etsy store. I don’t want to water down what I sell here on my website, but rather my strategy is to offer my artwork in multiple places to increase my chances of meeting new clients.

Let me know what you think

Make sure to visit my Etsy store and let me know what you think. Also, let me know if you’ve bought or sold something off Etsy before and what your experiences are with their website. I’d love to hear what you think!

Sketch Card Artist Returns for Sale on Etsy

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Chewbacca Commission


chewbacca commission drawn by matt stewart
Chewbacca commission drawn by matt stewart

I was recently commissioned to create a large illustration of Chewbacca! The parameters were pretty wide open for what I could do, besides to have a good amount of detail on Chewy, include his bowcaster, and have an open place for the actor who played Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, to sign it. Really fun piece to work on that took probably about 20 hours. For the background I created something inspired by the battle in Force Awakens outside Maz’s cantina. I included the bare trees, blown out bricks walls and even a First Order stormtrooper in the near background. Probably what I’m most happy with in this illustration was how the bowcaster and Chewie’s hair came out.

For this commission, I used Copic markers and polychromous pencils on Strathemore 500 series paper. 8.5×11″ in size, including a 1-0.5″ border.

Send me a message today for your own commission! They take time to make, so please contact me well in advance for one.

Commissioned Portrait

I was recently commissioned to create a traditionally illustrated portrait. The portrait is actually of a friend of mine. The stipulation was just that she wanted me to base the portrait on a particular photo she supplied me. Everything else was up to me.

The Process

commission stage 1The illustration was created on a fairly smooth 11×14″ bristol board paper; not sure if I’d use this same paper again though. An initial, fairly rough pencil sketch of the illustration was created and I sent photos of these to the client for approval before I began colouring.


Alphonse Mucha paintingI was given free reign on the background and how to position the portrait in the frame. I decided to do something I rarely have an opportunity to do, which is Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Being influenced by Alphonse Mucha, I created an organic border of vines and leaves with a few flowers. I had the top ends of the vines turn into a metallic brass and drew a metallic brass plate that ran across the bottom.


commission stage 3Prior to colouring the piece I cleaned up some of the thicker lines with my pen eraser and dabbed my kneaded eraser across the entire surface to lessen the amount of graphite that sat on the paper. Then I started colouring it with my Copic markers. I sometimes use Copics almost like paintbrushes, lightly blocking in areas of colour and applying colour in a stroke-like fashion, allowing the colours to blend in. I also use a Colorless Blender marker that significantly aids in blending Copics.


commission stage 4After I was satisfied with the Copics I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencil crayons. Faber-Castell is my favourite brand of pencils and their pencil crayons are a pure joy to work with. I dry blended the pencil crayons and kept certain lines intact, such as around the cheeks of her face to add a bit of movement. The hair was approached differently as I added heavy layers of pencil crayons to build up colour, tone, and shape.


commission stage 5The final steps were using acrylic paints on certain areas to bring out highlights or allow portions of the illustration to sit further back, such as the yellow petals at the top were given a light white wash so they were less impactful. Once dried, I sprayed a fixative on the illustration so it wouldn’t smear.


The client was very happy with the results. She was also particularly happy that she had given me free-reign on the background -and so was I. All too often the projects I work on (like sketch cards) are very specific in what I can do. This is fine but sometimes it’s good to stretch your legs as an artist!

Final Product

If you would like me to create a portrait for you of a family member, favourite celebrity, or perhaps of the cherished family pet, contact me here and we can get started!

commissioned portrait