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i sell on etsy graphicI sell my artwork in a few different venues online. One is on ebay, one is here on my website, one is via social media like on various Facebook groups, and one is Etsy. I place my artwork for sale and in advertisement in all of these places so that I can interact with more people about my artwork, pick up new commissions, and sell my pre-drawn artwork like my licensed sketch cards.

I have filled my Etsy store with artist return sketch cards from a few different sets that I have worked on. I have a few Star WarsClerks, and the Gerry Anderson sketch cards, but these may not last long and will be switched out with newer stuff as times go by. I still list new sketch cards on Ebay, but after 2-3 listings the ones that do not sell are listed either here on my website or on my Etsy store.

Sketch Card Artist Returns for Sale on Etsy

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