Commission an Original

Commission rates

Notes about commissioning an original piece of artwork:

  • complexity increases price. Please contact me for details about this as my commission rates are only to give you an idea.
  • small is 8X9″ or smaller, medium is 9×10-11×12″ and large is 11×14″ and up. All illustrations will have a 1″ border on the paper.
  • All commission rates are subject to change. Deals on prices may be offered if purchasing more than one.
  • Time to complete a commission varies, but plan on at least 1 month for completion.
  • Every commission comes with a free print as a thank you!
Custom Sketch Cards (2.5″x3.5″)
  • Black and white or colour sketch card (not an AP from licensed trading card set) $50-$75
  • On a licensed artist proof sketch card $125+ (message me for availability)
  • I do a very limited number of custom sketch cards as I already spend a large chunk of my time on licensed sketch card projects.

Examples of my sketch cards can be found here

Regular Commissions (dimensions larger than a sketch card)
  • Small black and white or colour sketch (basic subject like face, chest up, pet etc) $75-$125
  • Medium to large black and white or colour sketch (basic subject like face, chest up, pet etc) $125-$175+
  • Comicbook sketch cover variants -I have a number of blank comic book sketch covers I can use for commissions. The prices for these are that of a small commission plus $10. Message me for what blank comicbooks I have available to work on.
  • Medium to large full colour portrait, full body or other subject matter with background begin at $325

Examples of my larger illustrations can be found here

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